Class MiSphereSliceExtractUnstructured

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public abstract class MiSphereSliceExtractUnstructured
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements MiBaseExtractor
    Sphere slice extractor for unstructured volume meshes.

    A sphere slice is the intersection of a given sphere with the mesh volume. The extracted sphere slice is an unstructured surface mesh.

    Additional data sets can be mapped onto this extracted surface by calling the extractScalarSet(MiScalardSetI) or extractVec3Set(MiVec3dSetI) methods.

    The following sample code shows how to extract a sphere slice from a mesh:

       MiSphereSliceExtractUnstructured sphereSliceExtract = MiSphereSliceExtractUnstructured.getNewInstance(mesh);
       MeXSurfaceMeshUnstructured sphereSlice = sphereSliceExtract.extractSlice(center, radius, null);