Class MoMeshSurface

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    public class MoMeshSurface
    extends MoMeshRepresentation
    Rendering node that displays a surface mesh.

    This class just gets the MoMesh node from the scene graph and displays it. The MoMesh stored in the scene graph must be a surface mesh.

    The mesh can be colored using a scalar set defined in the colorScalarSetId inherited field. This is an index into the list of scalar sets existing in the traversal state (see the MoScalarSetxxx nodes). To disable coloring set this field to -1. Rendering can be modified using various property nodes (see the "See Also" section).

    See Also:
    MoCellFilter, MoColorMapping, MoDrawStyle, MoMaterial, MoMesh, MoFaceDetail
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      • MoMeshSurface

        public MoMeshSurface()
        Constructs a rendering node that displays a surface mesh.