Class MoVec3SetI

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    public class MoVec3SetI
    extends MoActionNode
    Property node that stores a vector data set for an unstructured mesh.

    This node adds an object implementing the MiVec3dSetI interface to the list of unstructured vector sets in the traversal state.

    Subsequent mesh representations will then be able to use it during the extraction process. During traversal of the scene graph, MoVec3SetI nodes are accumulated into a list so that an extraction can retrieve multiple data sets during the same extraction.

    Note: Vector sets for unstructured meshes (MiVec3dSetI), structured volume meshes (MiVec3dSetIjk) and structured surface meshes (MiVec3dSetIj) are stored in separate lists.

    See Also:
    MoVec3SetElementI, MoVec3SetIjk, MoVec3SetIj
    • Constructor Detail

      • MoVec3SetI

        public MoVec3SetI()
        Constructs a property node to store a vector data set.
    • Method Detail

      • setVec3Set

        public void setVec3Set​(MiVec3dSetI vectorSet)
        Sets the vector set interface.
        vectorSet - the vector set interface
      • getVec3Set

        public MiVec3dSetI getVec3Set()
        Gets the vector set interface.
        the vector set interface