Class RenderAreaHardware

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    public class RenderAreaHardware
    extends Inventor
    implements java.lang.Cloneable
    Settings to setup hardware for a render area. If the application explicitly creates the RenderArea, an instance of this class must be passed to Service.createRenderArea.

    If the RenderArea is automatically created by RemoteViz, an instance of this class will be passed to the ServiceListener.onPendingCreateRenderArea method and can be used to modify settings (for example which GPU to use for rendering).

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      • RenderAreaHardware

        public RenderAreaHardware()
      • RenderAreaHardware

        public RenderAreaHardware​(RenderAreaHardware obj)
        Copy constructor.
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        public java.lang.Object clone()
      • toArray

        public static RenderAreaHardware[] toArray​(long nativeArray,
                                                   long length)
      • setGpu

        public void setGpu​(java.lang.String value)
        Sets the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) used for rendering. This value can be retrieved using RenderArea.getGpu.

        On X11 Linux, the default value is the value of the environment variable DISPLAY, typically ":0.0". The specification for a specific GPU depends on the X11 configuration file, but usually the first digit is the GPU index.

        On Headless EGL Linux, the default value is EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY, typically "0". The parameter is a GPU index (0..N) (see eglQueryDevicesEXT and eglGetPlatformDisplayEXT).


        • Currently this feature only works on Linux.
          Calling this method on Windows is allowed, but has no effect.
        • This feature only works with the modes ServiceSettings.INVENTOR_SERVICE and ServiceSettings.INVENTOR_APPLICATION.
        • Currently this feature can only specify the GPU to be used for rendering.
          GPU accelerated video encoding, for example H.264, is always done on the GPU with id "0".

        value - : GPU used to compute the render.