Class SoUniformGridProjectionClipping

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    public class SoUniformGridProjectionClipping
    extends SoUniformGridClipping
    Clips a volume with the depth map projection of a shape. This class is an helper class derived from SoUniformGridClipping. It defines its clipping texture by the depth map of the given sceneGraph in the given axis orientation.


    • Rendering the sceneGraph on top of the clipped volume might result in z-fighting artefacts due to depth precision. In order to avoid this issue it is necessary to use a SoPolygonOffset node before the geometry to render.
    • sceneGraph should not contain any draggers or manipulators because they will become part of the clipping texture and might lead to unwanted results. As a workaround, you can put draggers outside of sceneGraph, put an SoTransform inside your sceneGraph and connect it to your dragger.
    • If sceneGraph contains holes, you should set the minFilter and magFilter fields to NEAREST to avoid interpolation issues between holes and the true surface.
    • The inherited field SoUniformGridClipping.undefinedValue is set to the default depth (i.e. 1).

    See SoUniformGridClipping for detailed behavior and limitations.

    Open Inventor 8.6 File format/default:

    UniformGridProjectionClipping {
      sceneGraph NULL
      axis Y
      extent -1,0,-1 1,1,1
      filename ""
      image 0 0 0
      wrapS CLAMP_TO_EDGE
      wrapT CLAMP_TO_EDGE
      model MODULATE
      enableCompressedTexture false
      blendColor 0 0 0
      enableBorder false
      borderColor 0 0 0 0
      maxAnisotropy 1.0
      minFilter AUTO
      magFilter AUTO
      loadingMode AUTO
      useAutoMipmap false
      internalFormat AUTO_INTERNAL_FORMAT
      thickness 0
      clipBelow false
      clipAbove true

    See Also:
    SoUniformGridClipping, SoVolumeClippingGroup, SoPolygonOffset
    • Field Detail

      • sceneGraph

        public final SoSFNode sceneGraph
        Scene graph containing shapes to project on the orthogonal plane defined by axis field to generate the SoUniformGridClipping height map texture.
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      • SoUniformGridProjectionClipping

        public SoUniformGridProjectionClipping()