Class SoVRMrcFileReader

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    public class SoVRMrcFileReader
    extends SoVolumeReader
    MRC file reader. Volume reader for the MRC file format.

    MRC is a file format that has become industry standard in cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM) and electron tomography (ET), where the result of the technique is a three-dimensional grid of voxels each with a value corresponding to electron density or electric potential. It was developed by the MRC (Medical Research Council, UK) Laboratory of Molecular Biology. In 2014, the format was standardised. The format specification is available on the CCP-EM website. For details see:

    SoVolumeData automatically selects this reader if a filename is given and the file extension is ".mrc". The application can also explicitly create an instance of this reader and call the SoVolumeData method setReader().

    SoVRMrcFileReader loads slices from a single multi-image MRC file. To load a volume from multiple MRC files, see the SoVRRasterStackReader class.

    All the images contained in the file should have the same size. If it is not the case, the reader will find the largest image and take all images with the same size.


    • Color index volume, or
    • RGBA volume with unsigned byte components (not RGBA).

    For more information about volume readers see SoVolumeReader.

    NOTE: Class available since Open Inventor 10.4.

    See Also:
    SoVolumeReader, SoMRCImageRW
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      • SoVRMrcFileReader

        public SoVRMrcFileReader()