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NetworkPerformanceBandwidth Property

Gets the estimated network bandwidth between the service and the client.

Namespace: OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering
Assembly: OIV.RemoteViz (in OIV.RemoteViz.dll) Version: (
public uint Bandwidth { get; }

Return Value

Type: UInt32

the network bandwidth in bit per seconds


Default is 0 when the object is first created, but RemoteViz will set this value if network calibration is enabled.

This value influences the quality and the number of interactive frames sent to the client (see OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.ConnectionSettings.SetFrameEncodingPolicy(OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.IFrameEncodingPolicy)). The higher the value, the better the quality and the number of interactive frames. This value is estimated during the network calibration step (if enabled).

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