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MetricsListener Class

This class can be overridden by an application to monitor the service.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering
Assembly: OIV.RemoteViz (in OIV.RemoteViz.dll) Version: (
public class MetricsListener : SoNetBase

The MetricsListener type exposes the following members.

Public methodMetricsListener
Default constructor.
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Public methodOnChangedNumClients

Triggered when the number of clients changes.

Public methodOnChangedNumConnections

Triggered when the number of connections changes.

Public methodOnChangedNumRenderAreas

Triggered when the number of renderArea changes.

Public methodOnMeasuredDecodingTime

Triggered when a new measure of frame decoding time is available.

Public methodOnMeasuredEncodingTime

Triggered when a new measure of frame encoding time is available.

Public methodOnMeasuredNetworkLatency

Triggered when a new measure of network latency is available.

Public methodOnMeasuredRenderingTime

Triggered when a new measure of frame rendering time is available.

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These listeners allow to report states and performances metrics of the service. The metrics/listeners can be enabled using OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.Monitoring.EnableMetrics(OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.Monitoring.MetricTypes). The overridden class will be passed as argument to the method OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.Monitoring.AddListener(OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.MetricsListener).

The metrics are triggered in the service thread, so costly operations in the listeners could impact global performances of the service.

This class is an abstract class which must be overridden.

See $OIVHOME/examples/source/RemoteViz/Monitoring

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