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MeshViz Abstract base class for all MeshViz XLM representation nodes containing an extractor. More...

#include <MeshVizXLM/mapping/nodes/MoMeshRepresentation.h>

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MoMeshBaseRepresentation MoActionNode SoNode SoFieldContainer SoBase SoRefCounter SoTypedObject MoMeshClipPoint MoMeshIsoline MoMeshLineRepresentation MoMeshStreamline MoMeshSurfaceRepresentation MoMeshVector MoMeshAnnotatedIsoline MoMeshClipLine MoMeshLine MoMeshOutline MoMeshCellShape MoMeshCylinderSlice MoMeshFenceSlice MoMeshGridPlaneSlice MoMeshInterpolatedLogicalSlice MoMeshIsosurface MoMeshLogicalSlice MoMeshPlaneSlice MoMeshSkin MoMeshSlab MoMeshSphereSlice MoMeshSurface

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Public Member Functions

virtual SoType getTypeId () const
virtual void setExtractorCallback (MiExtractorCallback *extractorCallback)
virtual SoDEPRECATED void setExtractorCallback (MiExtractorCallback &extractorCallback)

Static Public Member Functions

static SoType getClassTypeId ()

Public Attributes

SoSFInt32 colorScalarSetId
SoSFBool parallel


class MdUndefinedMeshRepresentation
class MdMeshRepresentationFor
class MdMeshMultiLinesRepresentation
class MdExtractionThread

Detailed Description

MeshViz Abstract base class for all MeshViz XLM representation nodes containing an extractor.

Abstract base class for all MeshViz XLM representation nodes containing an extractor.

The basic representations and the meshes they apply to are:

All surface representations, for instance MoMeshIsosurface and MoMeshSkin, are using an inner SoPolygonOffset node to allow line representations, such as MoMeshIsoline and MoMeshOutline, on top without artifacts. However SoPolygonOffset can introduce other artifacts on surfaces when the two-sided lighting mode is active. Thus, to disable this SoPolygonOffset node, set the MESHVIZ_POLYGON_OFFSET environment variable to false (See SoPreferences).

Member Function Documentation

static SoType MoMeshRepresentation::getClassTypeId (  )  [static]
virtual SoType MoMeshRepresentation::getTypeId (  )  const [virtual]
virtual SoDEPRECATED void MoMeshRepresentation::setExtractorCallback ( MiExtractorCallback extractorCallback  )  [virtual]
virtual void MoMeshRepresentation::setExtractorCallback ( MiExtractorCallback extractorCallback  )  [virtual]

Set the extraction callback which will be called each time an extraction is performed.

For instance, this callback allows the application to update a progress bar during the extraction process. Remove the callback if extractorCallback is NULL.

Reimplemented in MoMeshAnnotatedIsoline.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class MdExtractionThread [friend]
friend class MdMeshMultiLinesRepresentation [friend]

Reimplemented in MoMeshIsoline, and MoMeshStreamline.

friend class MdMeshRepresentationFor [friend]
friend class MdUndefinedMeshRepresentation [friend]

Member Data Documentation

Field representing the scalar set node to be used to map colors onto the representation.

During traversal of the scene graph, scalar set nodes are accumulated in a list of scalar sets. colorScalarSetId is an index into this list. Default value is 0 which means that the first scalar set stored in the scene graph is used. Setting this value to -1 disables color mapping

If TRUE, the node tries to launch the extraction in parallel if this is supported by the associated extractor.

Extractions performed in parallel use multiple cores and/or processors to compute the extraction. Default is TRUE.

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