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Class to render an OpenInventor scene graph in a Qt OpenGL window. More...

#include <Inventor/ViewerComponents/Qt/RenderAreaExaminer.h>

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RenderAreaInteractive SiInteractionModeListener RenderArea SiRenderAreaInteractive SiRenderArea SiRenderAreaStereo SiRenderAreaAntialiasing SiRenderAreaStillSuperSampling

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Public Member Functions

 RenderAreaExaminer (QWidget *parent)
SoDEPRECATED SceneExaminergetSceneExaminer ()
virtual SceneExaminergetSceneInteractor () const override
virtual void setNavigationMode (SceneExaminer::NavigationMode mode)
getNavigationMode ()
void seekModeChanged (const bool onOrOff)
void interactionModeChanged (SceneExaminer::InteractionMode mode)

Static Public Attributes

static QCursor * s_seekCursor
static QCursor * s_viewingCursor

Detailed Description

Class to render an OpenInventor scene graph in a Qt OpenGL window.

This class extends RenderAreaInteractive to add examiner viewer behaviors.

Note: When using this component, the automatic interactive mode is disabled, see SoSceneManager::setAutoInteractiveMode for more details. Interactive mode is managed by the SceneExaminer node.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RenderAreaExaminer::RenderAreaExaminer ( QWidget *  parent  ) 


Member Function Documentation

virtual SceneExaminer::NavigationMode RenderAreaExaminer::getNavigationMode (  )  [virtual]

Returns the current navigation mode.

SoDEPRECATED SceneExaminer* RenderAreaExaminer::getSceneExaminer (  ) 

Returns the scene examiner.

The scene examiner

Deprecated since Open Inventor 10500
Use getSceneInteractor() method instead.
virtual SceneExaminer* RenderAreaExaminer::getSceneInteractor (  )  const [override, virtual]

Returns the scene examiner.

The scene examiner

Reimplemented from RenderAreaInteractive.

void RenderAreaExaminer::interactionModeChanged ( SceneExaminer::InteractionMode  mode  )  [virtual]

This method is called when the interaction has changed.

Implements SiInteractionModeListener.

void RenderAreaExaminer::seekModeChanged ( const bool  onOrOff  )  [virtual]

This method is called when the seek mode is activated and deactivated.

Implements SiInteractionModeListener.

virtual void RenderAreaExaminer::setNavigationMode ( SceneExaminer::NavigationMode  mode  )  [virtual]

Sets navigation mode.

Member Data Documentation

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