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[PREVIEW] Tool class for building a basic interactive OpenInventor application with mode-less scene "orbiter" viewing behavior. More...

#include <Inventor/ViewerComponents/nodes/SceneOrbiter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SceneOrbiter ()
virtual ~SceneOrbiter ()
void enableViewingCube (bool enabled)
bool isViewingCubeEnabled () const
SoViewingCubegetViewingCube ()
virtual void setCameraMode (SceneInteractor::CameraMode mode)

Detailed Description

[PREVIEW] Tool class for building a basic interactive OpenInventor application with mode-less scene "orbiter" viewing behavior.

The SceneOrbiter is an extension of the SceneInteractor node that provides camera and headlight manipulations like panning, zooming and orbiting similar to the classic Open Inventor "Examiner" viewer classes (e.g. SoWinExaminerViewer) and the SceneExaminer (in Orbit navigation mode).

The SceneOrbiter provides a "mode-less" viewer that is very convenient for users. The Examiner viewer and SceneExaminer viewers are always in either viewing mode (mouse events control the camera) or in selection mode (mouse events are sent to the scene graph and objects can be selected). This often requires the user to frequently switch between viewing and selection mode (for example by pressing the ESC key) while interacting with the scene. SceneOrbiter does not have modes. For example, a mouse click without moving the mouse is interpreted as a selection and the event is sent to the scene graph, but a mouse click and "drag" is interpreted as controlling the camera.

The 'headlight', an SoDirectionalLight node, is automatically aligned with the camera's view direction.

An SoViewingCube node is automatically added to the scene. The viewing cube can be hidden by calling the enableViewingCube() method.

See parent class SceneInteractor for more details about the structure of the internal scene graph.

The SceneOrbiter uses an instance of SoCameraInteractor to manipulate the camera in response to OpenInventor events.




SceneInteractor, SoCameraInteractor, SiInteractionModeListener

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SceneOrbiter::SceneOrbiter (  ) 


virtual SceneOrbiter::~SceneOrbiter (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void SceneOrbiter::enableViewingCube ( bool  enabled  ) 

Enable or disable viewing cube.

Default is true.

SoViewingCube* SceneOrbiter::getViewingCube (  ) 

Returns the viewing cube object.

bool SceneOrbiter::isViewingCubeEnabled (  )  const

Returns if viewing cube is enabled.

virtual void SceneOrbiter::setCameraMode ( SceneInteractor::CameraMode  mode  )  [virtual]

Select perspective or orthographic camera.

Default is perspective.

Reimplemented from SceneInteractor.

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