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VSG extension [PREVIEW] Utility class to render a scene with an OpenGl context. More...

#include <Inventor/ViewerComponents/SoRenderAreaCore.h>

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SoRefCounter SiRenderAreaAntialiasing SiRenderAreaTransparency SiRenderAreaStereo SiRenderAreaInteractive SiRenderArea SiRenderAreaStillSuperSampling

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Public Member Functions

 SoRenderAreaCore (SoGLContext *glContext)
virtual void setSceneGraph (SoNode *newScene)
virtual SoNodegetSceneGraph () const
virtual SbBool processEvent (const SoEvent *event)
virtual SbBool processEvents (const std::vector< const SoEvent * > &eventList)
virtual RenderStatus render ()
virtual void setSize (const SbVec2i32 &size)
virtual SbVec2i32 getSize () const
virtual void setGLRenderAction (SoGLRenderAction *glAction)
virtual SoGLRenderActiongetGLRenderAction () const
virtual void setTransparencyType (SoGLRenderAction::TransparencyType type)
getTransparencyType () const
SoSceneManagergetSceneManager () const
virtual void setStereoParameters (SoStereoParameters *parameters)
virtual SoStereoParametersgetStereoParameters () const
virtual void activateStereo (bool activate)
virtual bool isStereoActivated () const
virtual void setAntialiasingMode (SoSceneManager::AntialiasingMode mode)
getAntialiasingMode () const
virtual void setAntialiasingQuality (float quality)
virtual float getAntialiasingQuality () const
virtual void setClearPolicy (ClearPolicy policy)
virtual ClearPolicy getClearPolicy () const
virtual void setClearColor (const SbColorRGBA &color)
virtual SbColorRGBA getClearColor () const
virtual void setClearDepth (float depth)
virtual float getClearDepth () const
virtual SbEventHandler
< RenderEventArg & > & 
onStartRender ()
virtual void setStillSuperSamplingQuality (float quality)
virtual float getStillSuperSamplingQuality () const
virtual void setStillSuperSamplingDelay (unsigned int delay)
virtual unsigned int getStillSuperSamplingDelay () const


virtual SoDEPRECATED void setInteractiveMode (SoInteractiveComplexity::InteractiveMode mode)
getInteractiveMode () const

Detailed Description

VSG extension [PREVIEW] Utility class to render a scene with an OpenGl context.

[C++] Reference counting:
This is a reference counted object, similar to a node or path. It can only be destroyed by incrementing and decrementing the reference count. The initial reference count is 0. You may use the ref() and unref() methods, but we recommend using the SoRef "smart pointer" template.



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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoRenderAreaCore::SoRenderAreaCore ( SoGLContext glContext  ) 

Build a new SoRenderAreaCore that uses an existing glContext.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void SoRenderAreaCore::activateStereo ( bool  activate  )  [virtual]

Activate (or deactivate) stereo rendering with specified parameters (see setStereoParameters).

The stereo mode is determined by which subclass is used to set the parameters. For example, passing an SoRawStereoParameters object activates OpenGL "quad buffered" stereo (if possible on the current graphics board).


    • Stereo rendering needs a SoStereoCamera to be activated. The edited camera is the first stereo camera found in the current scene graph. If no stereo camera is found, a warning is displayed. This method must be called to update the edited camera if the scene graph changed.

    Implements SiRenderAreaStereo.

virtual SoSceneManager::AntialiasingMode SoRenderAreaCore::getAntialiasingMode (  )  const [virtual]
virtual float SoRenderAreaCore::getAntialiasingQuality (  )  const [virtual]
virtual SbColorRGBA SoRenderAreaCore::getClearColor (  )  const [virtual]
See also:

Implements SiRenderArea.

virtual float SoRenderAreaCore::getClearDepth (  )  const [virtual]
See also:

Implements SiRenderArea.

virtual ClearPolicy SoRenderAreaCore::getClearPolicy (  )  const [virtual]
See also:

Implements SiRenderArea.

virtual SoGLRenderAction* SoRenderAreaCore::getGLRenderAction (  )  const [virtual]

Returns the render action used for rendering.

virtual SoDEPRECATED SoInteractiveComplexity::InteractiveMode SoRenderAreaCore::getInteractiveMode (  )  const [virtual]
virtual SoNode* SoRenderAreaCore::getSceneGraph (  )  const [virtual]
See also:

Implements SiRenderArea.

SoSceneManager* SoRenderAreaCore::getSceneManager (  )  const

Returns the scene manager.

virtual SbVec2i32 SoRenderAreaCore::getSize (  )  const [virtual]
See also:

Implements SiRenderArea.

virtual SoStereoParameters* SoRenderAreaCore::getStereoParameters (  )  const [virtual]
virtual unsigned int SoRenderAreaCore::getStillSuperSamplingDelay (  )  const [virtual]
virtual float SoRenderAreaCore::getStillSuperSamplingQuality (  )  const [virtual]
virtual SoGLRenderAction::TransparencyType SoRenderAreaCore::getTransparencyType (  )  const [virtual]
virtual bool SoRenderAreaCore::isStereoActivated (  )  const [virtual]
See also:

Implements SiRenderAreaStereo.

virtual SbEventHandler<RenderEventArg&>& SoRenderAreaCore::onStartRender (  )  [virtual]

Returns the event handler that raises when a new render starts.

Implements SiRenderArea.

virtual SbBool SoRenderAreaCore::processEvent ( const SoEvent event  )  [virtual]

Processes the passed event by applying an SoHandleEventAction to the scene graph managed here.

Returns TRUE if the event was handled by a node.

Implements SiRenderAreaInteractive.

virtual SbBool SoRenderAreaCore::processEvents ( const std::vector< const SoEvent * > &  eventList  )  [virtual]

Processes the passed event by applying an SoHandleEventAction to the scene graph managed here.

Returns TRUE if at least one event was handled by a node.

Implements SiRenderAreaInteractive.

virtual RenderStatus SoRenderAreaCore::render (  )  [virtual]

Applies an SoGLRenderAction to the scene graph managed here.

See RenderStatus documentation for details on the returned value. The rendering may have been aborted, so check this function result before calling swap buffer for example

Implements SiRenderArea.

virtual void SoRenderAreaCore::setAntialiasingMode ( SoSceneManager::AntialiasingMode  mode  )  [virtual]

Define the antialiasing mode.

mode The antialiasing algorithm. Default is NO_ANTIALIASING which turns off antialiasing.

Implements SiRenderAreaAntialiasing.

virtual void SoRenderAreaCore::setAntialiasingQuality ( float  quality  )  [virtual]

Define the antialiasing quality value.

quality The quality is a factor in the range [0.0,1.0].
Default is 0.0. The value 0.0 turns off antialiasing.

Implements SiRenderAreaAntialiasing.

virtual void SoRenderAreaCore::setClearColor ( const SbColorRGBA color  )  [virtual]

Defines the RGBA value used when the color buffer is cleared.

See also setClearPolicy. Default is transparent black (0,0,0,0).

This is equivalent to setBackgroundColor() in the classical view classes.

color RGBA value used to clear the color buffer.

Implements SiRenderArea.

virtual void SoRenderAreaCore::setClearDepth ( float  depth  )  [virtual]

Defines the depth value used when the depth buffer is cleared.

See also setClearPolicy. Default is 1. Range is 0..1.

depth value used to clear the depth buffer.

Implements SiRenderArea.

virtual void SoRenderAreaCore::setClearPolicy ( ClearPolicy  policy  )  [virtual]

Defines the color buffer and depth buffer clear policy.

See also setClearColor and setClearDepth. Use enum ClearPolicy Default is COLORBUFFER_AND_DEPTHBUFFER.

policy color buffer and depth buffer clear policy.

Implements SiRenderArea.

virtual void SoRenderAreaCore::setGLRenderAction ( SoGLRenderAction glAction  )  [virtual]

Defines the render action used for rendering.

virtual SoDEPRECATED void SoRenderAreaCore::setInteractiveMode ( SoInteractiveComplexity::InteractiveMode  mode  )  [virtual]

Set the current interactive mode.

mode interactive mode. Default is AUTO.

Deprecated since Open Inventor 101000
Use SoInteractiveComplexity node instead.

Implements SiRenderAreaInteractive.

virtual void SoRenderAreaCore::setSceneGraph ( SoNode newScene  )  [virtual]

Defines the scene graph which is managed here.

This is the Open Inventor scene which will be traversed for rendering and event processing.

Implements SiRenderArea.

virtual void SoRenderAreaCore::setSize ( const SbVec2i32 size  )  [virtual]

Defines the size to use for rendering.

Typically this method must be called when the render area has been resized or moved.

Implements SiRenderArea.

virtual void SoRenderAreaCore::setStereoParameters ( SoStereoParameters parameters  )  [virtual]

Defines the stereo parameters.

parameters Provides specific parameters for a stereo mode. Use one of the subclasses of SoStereoParameters.


    • SoRenderAreaCore makes a copy of the parameter values. The caller is responsible for allocation and destruction of the params object. As a copy of the parameter values is done, the object can be destroyed after calling this method.

    Implements SiRenderAreaStereo.

virtual void SoRenderAreaCore::setStillSuperSamplingDelay ( unsigned int  delay  )  [virtual]

Set delay for supersampling when "still" (not interacting).

If greater than 0, images will be supersampled after the specified delay.

delay The delay is in milliseconds.
If greater than 0, images will be supersampled after the specified delay See also setStillSuperSamplingQuality.

Implements SiRenderAreaStillSuperSampling.

virtual void SoRenderAreaCore::setStillSuperSamplingQuality ( float  quality  )  [virtual]

Set quality for supersampling when "still" (not interacting).

When quality is greater than 0, still images will be automatically supersampled.

quality The quality is a factor in the range [0.0,1.0].
Default value is 0.0. Use the value 0.0 to turn off still supersampling. 0.5 is a typical value. See also setStillSuperSamplingDelay.

Implements SiRenderAreaStillSuperSampling.

virtual void SoRenderAreaCore::setTransparencyType ( SoGLRenderAction::TransparencyType  type  )  [virtual]

Defines the algorithm for rendering transparent objects.

Default is NO_SORT. See SoGLRenderAction for possible transparency types. See also SoGLRenderAction::TransparencyType.

Note: When using transparency types with DELAYED in the name, the depth buffer is not updated (depth buffer writes are disabled) while rendering transparent objects. As a result complex 3D shapes may not be rendered correctly.

Implements SiRenderAreaTransparency.

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