SiRenderAreaStillSuperSampling Class Reference
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VSG extension RenderArea still supersampling interface. More...

#include <Inventor/ViewerComponents/SiRenderAreaStillSuperSampling.h>

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RenderArea SoRenderAreaCore RenderAreaInteractive RenderAreaExaminer RenderAreaOrbiter

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Public Member Functions

virtual void setStillSuperSamplingQuality (float quality)=0
virtual float getStillSuperSamplingQuality () const =0
virtual void setStillSuperSamplingDelay (unsigned int delay)=0
virtual unsigned int getStillSuperSamplingDelay () const =0

Detailed Description

VSG extension RenderArea still supersampling interface.

This interface provides the list of methods that renderAreas must define to use still supersampling feature.



Member Function Documentation

virtual unsigned int SiRenderAreaStillSuperSampling::getStillSuperSamplingDelay (  )  const [pure virtual]
virtual float SiRenderAreaStillSuperSampling::getStillSuperSamplingQuality (  )  const [pure virtual]
virtual void SiRenderAreaStillSuperSampling::setStillSuperSamplingDelay ( unsigned int  delay  )  [pure virtual]

Set delay for supersampling when "still" (not interacting).

If greater than 0, images will be supersampled after the specified delay. The delay is in milliseconds.

Implemented in RenderArea, and SoRenderAreaCore.

virtual void SiRenderAreaStillSuperSampling::setStillSuperSamplingQuality ( float  quality  )  [pure virtual]

Set quality for supersampling when "still" (not interacting).

When quality is greater than 0, still images will be automatically supersampled.

Implemented in RenderArea, and SoRenderAreaCore.

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