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MeshViz Dynamic array of valueType. More...

#include <MeshViz/misc/PbArray.h>

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Public Member Functions

 className ()
 className (int init_size, int extend=10)
 className (const className &other_array)
 ~className ()
const valueType * get () const
valueType get (int index) const
int find (valueType val) const
void set (int index, valueType val)
int add (valueType val)
int add (int num_val, const valueType *val)
classNameoperator= (const className &other_array)
classNameoperator= (const std::vector< valueType > &other_array)
void operator+= (const className &other_array)
void operator+= (valueType val)
valueType & operator[] (int index)
const valueType & operator[] (int index) const
void setCapacity (int capacity, int extend)
void squeeze ()
int getCapacity () const
int getNum () const
void increasingSort ()
void decreasingSort ()
void empty ()


int operator== (const className &array_1, const className &array_2)
int operator!= (const className &array_1, const className &array_2)

Detailed Description

MeshViz Dynamic array of valueType.

Provides methods and operators for insertion and retrieval of valueType values. It automatically resizes itself when necessary.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

className::className (  )  [inline]
className::className ( int  init_size,
int  extend = 10 

When the array resizes itself, the extension is a multiple of extend.

className::className ( const className other_array  ) 
className::~className (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

int className::add ( int  num_val,
const valueType *  val 

Inserts a list of valueType values at the end of the array.

Returns the location of the last one inserted.

int className::add ( valueType  val  )  [inline]

Inserts valueType value at the end of the array.

Returns its location in the array.

void className::decreasingSort (  ) 

Sorts array by decreasing order.

void className::empty (  )  [inline]

After empty, the array appears like no valueType value has been previously inserted.

int className::find ( valueType  val  )  const [inline]

Finds the first index in the array of a given valueType value (-1 if not found).

valueType className::get ( int  index  )  const [inline]

Gets the valueType value at a particular index.

const valueType * className::get (  )  const [inline]

Gets the adress of the internal array.

int className::getCapacity (  )  const [inline]

Gets the allocated size of the array.

int className::getNum (  )  const [inline]

Gets the number of values in the array.

void className::increasingSort (  ) 

Sorts array by increasing order.

void className::operator+= ( valueType  val  )  [inline]

Adds val at the end of the array.

void className::operator+= ( const className other_array  ) 

Appends other_array to the end of the array.

className& className::operator= ( const std::vector< valueType > &  other_array  ) 

Copy from an STL vector.

className& className::operator= ( const className other_array  ) 

Copy from other_array.

const valueType & className::operator[] ( int  index  )  const [inline]
valueType & className::operator[] ( int  index  )  [inline]
void className::set ( int  index,
valueType  val 
) [inline]

Inserts valueType value at a specified position in the array.

void className::setCapacity ( int  capacity,
int  extend 

set the capacity and allocate this capacity if necessary

void className::squeeze (  ) 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

int operator!= ( const className array_1,
const className array_2 
) [friend]

Inequality comparison operator.

int operator== ( const className array_1,
const className array_2 
) [friend]

Equality comparison operator.

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