Class SoCGMVectorOutput

  • public class SoCGMVectorOutput
    extends SoVectorOutput
    Class used to write vector formatted CGM files. This class is used for writing vector formatted files in CGM format. It provides some convenience functions for handling files. An instance of SoCGMVectorOutput is contained in an SoVectorizeCGMAction; this is typically the only instance needed.

    The environment variable OIV_CGM_HARDCOPY_BUFSIZE specifies the buffer size in bytes for storing CGM calls before writing them to the disk. The default buffer size is 1048576 bytes (1 megabyte). If set to 1, no buffering is done.

    • Constructor Detail

      • SoCGMVectorOutput

        public SoCGMVectorOutput()
        Constructor. The default constructor writes to stdout.
    • Method Detail

      • setIndexed

        public void setIndexed()
        Calls setIndexed(true).
      • setVersion

        public void setVersion()
        Calls setVersion((int)1).
      • setBinary

        public void setBinary()
        Calls setBinary(true).
      • setBinary

        public void setBinary​(boolean flag)
        Sets the output mode. This mode can be clear text encoding or binary mode encoding. The default mode is clear text encoding.
      • isBinary

        public boolean isBinary()
        Gets the output mode.
      • isIndexed

        public boolean isIndexed()
        Gets the color mode.
      • setVersion

        public void setVersion​(int vers)
        Sets the version of the output CGM file. The default version is 1.
        • When the version of CGM is less than 3, the setLineEndStyle(), getLineEndStyle(), setLineJoinStyle(), getLineJoinStyle(), setMiterLimit(), and getMiterLimit() methods have no effect on the output.
        • In versions 1 and 2 of CGM, dashed line patterns are default patterns defined by CGM (solid, dash, dot, dash-dot, dash-dot-dot).
      • getVersion

        public int getVersion()
        Gets the version of the output CGM file.
      • setIndexed

        public void setIndexed​(boolean flag)
        Sets the color mode. The default color mode is Indexed and the other mode is Direct (RGB).