Class SoGDIVectorOutput

  • public class SoGDIVectorOutput
    extends SoVectorOutput
    Manage vector output to GDI devices.
    <font color="#0000FF">[Windows only] This class is not implemented on UNIX systems. </font>

    This class is used for writing vector formatted files (Enhanced Metafiles .EMF), for printing directly under MS-Windows, or with a application device context (DC).

    An instance of SoGDIVectorOutput is contained in an SoVectorizeGDIAction. This is typically the only instance needed.

    • Constructor Detail

      • SoGDIVectorOutput

        public SoGDIVectorOutput()
        Constructor. The default constructor enables the printer job.
    • Method Detail

      • openFile

        public void openFile()
        Default method: Opens the printer dialog box for paper output.