Class SoDistributeAction

  • public class SoDistributeAction
    extends SoAction
    Computes a distribution of the scene graph for use in depth compositing in ScaleViz. This class is used to compute a distribution of the scene graph for use in depth compositing in ScaleViz.

    In order to simplify the distribution of the scene graph, two different algorithms are supported for the automatic allocation of render unit IDs of each separator in a scene graph:

    • ROUND_ROBIN, which implements a round robin algorithm, does static allocation based on the number of running OIRUs. This algorithm is the fastest way to distribute a scene graph between all running OIRUs, but as it does not take in account the weight of the sub scene graph assigned to each OIRU, it can potentially result in an unbalanced distribution.
    • TRIANGLE_COUNT is a dynamic algorithm that takes in account the weight of each separator, and tries to distribute the scene graph as equally as possible between OIRUs. Compared with the first algorithm, it is more time consuming, but the result is a better balanced scene graph distribution. This is the default.

    To specify the desired distribution algorithm, instantiate an SoDistributeAction, specify the the desired algorithm, and apply the action on the scene graph that you want to distribute.

    SoSeparator, SoDepthComposer

    • Constructor Detail

      • SoDistributeAction

        public SoDistributeAction()
    • Method Detail

      • enableElement

        public static void enableElement​(java.lang.Class<? extends Inventor> t,
                                         int stkIndex)
      • setDistributeMethod

        public void setDistributeMethod​(SoDistributeAction.DistributeMethods distribMethod)
        Destructor. Specifies the algorithm used to distribute the scene graph.
        Default is TRIANGLE_COUNT.