Class SoAccumulationAntialiasingParameters

  • public class SoAccumulationAntialiasingParameters
    extends SoAntialiasingParameters
    Antialiasing parameters class for the accumulation buffer algorithm. This class provides the different parameters that can be set to configure the accumulation buffer antialiasing algorithm. These objects are used with the setAntialiasing() method in SoSceneManager and some viewer classes (e.g. SoWinGLWidget).

    There are actually two kinds of antialiasing available: smoothing and multipass antialiasing. If smoothing is set to true, smoothing is enabled. Smoothing uses OpenGL's line- and point-smoothing features to provide cheap antialiasing of lines and points. Line smoothing is an inexpensive solution for wire frame geometry. The value of numPasses controls multipass antialiasing. Each time a render action is applied, Open Inventor renders the scene numPasses times from slightly different camera positions, averaging the results. numPasses can be from one to 255, inclusive. Setting numPasses to one disables multipass antialiasing. You can use either, both, or neither of these antialiasing techniques. By default, both smoothing and multipass antialiasing are disabled.

    Increasing the number of render passes can significantly reduce performance for large scenes. As a result this technique has generally been replaced by FSAA and FXAA techniques.

    See Also:
    SoFullSceneAntialiasingParameters, SoFXAAParameters
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoAccumulationAntialiasingParameters

        public SoAccumulationAntialiasingParameters​(boolean smooth,
                                                    int numPasses)
        Constructor which takes as input two parameters.

        smooth - Indicates if we want to turn on line and point smoothing.

        numPasses - The number of rendering passes we want to accumulate in the accumulation buffers. numPasses should be >= 1.
    • Method Detail

      • isSmooth

        public boolean isSmooth()
        Returns true if line and point smoothing is requested.
      • getNumPasses

        public int getNumPasses()
        Returns the number of rendering passes requested for the antialiasing process.