Class SoFullSceneAntialiasingParameters

  • public class SoFullSceneAntialiasingParameters
    extends SoAntialiasingParameters
    Antialiasing parameters class for the FSAA algorithm. This class provides the different parameters that can be set to configure the FSAA antialiasing algorithm. These objects are used with the setAntialiasing() method in SoSceneManager and some viewer classes (e.g. SoWinGLWidget).


    The high quality filter is available only on NVidia platforms and only if the extension GL_NV_multisample_filter_hint is available.

    See Also:
    SoAccumulationAntialiasingParameters, SoFXAAParameters, SoFullSceneAntialiasing
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoFullSceneAntialiasingParameters

        public SoFullSceneAntialiasingParameters​(int numSamples,
                                                 boolean useHQ)
        Calls SoFullSceneAntialiasingParameters(numSamples, useHQ, com.openinventor.inventor.nodes.SoFullSceneAntialiasing.Filters.ALL.getValue()).
      • SoFullSceneAntialiasingParameters

        public SoFullSceneAntialiasingParameters​(int numSamples,
                                                 boolean useHQ,
                                                 int filterMask)
        Constructor that takes the different parameters that can be configured.

        numSamples - The number of samples we want to enable in the window's pixel format.

        useHQ - Indicates if the high quality filter provided by NVidia should be enabled.

        filterMask - Is a combination of SoFullSceneAntialiasing.Filter enum values to define the primitives affected by the FSAA.
    • Method Detail

      • useHighQualityFilter

        public boolean useHighQualityFilter()
        Returns true if the high quality filter is requested.
      • getNumSamples

        public int getNumSamples()
        Returns the requested number of samples. The window's pixel format will have up to this number of samples. If the graphic device doesn't support this number of samples a lower number will be used.