Class SoFaceDetail

  • Direct Known Subclasses:

    public class SoFaceDetail
    extends SoDetail
    Stores detail information about vertex-based shapes made of faces. This class contains detail information about a face in a vertex-based shape made of faces. The information includes the number of points in the face, the points forming the vertices of the face, and the index of the face within the shape.

    Note that when an SoFaceDetail is returned from picking (in an SoPickedPoint), it will contain details for all points defining the face that was intersected. However, when an SoFaceDetail is created for a triangle produced during primitive generation (in an SoPrimitiveVertex), it will contain details for only the three vertices of the triangle.

    See Also:
    SoDetail, SoPickedPoint, SoPrimitiveVertex, SoVertexShape
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoFaceDetail

        public SoFaceDetail​(SoFaceDetail copyFrom)
      • SoFaceDetail

        public SoFaceDetail()
    • Method Detail

      • setPoint

        public void setPoint​(int index,
                             SoPointDetail pd)
      • copy

        public SoDetail copy()
        Returns an instance that is a copy of this instance. The caller is responsible for deleting the copy when it is no longer needed.
        copy in class SoDetail
      • setFaceIndex

        public void setFaceIndex​(int i)
      • setNumPoints

        public void setNumPoints​(int num)
      • getPartIndex

        public int getPartIndex()
        Returns the index of the part containing the face within the shape.
      • getNumPoints

        public int getNumPoints()
        Returns the number of points in the face.
      • setPartIndex

        public void setPartIndex​(int i)
      • getFaceIndex

        public int getFaceIndex()
        Returns the index of the face within the shape.
      • getPoint

        public SoPointDetail getPoint​(int i)
        Returns information about the point forming the i'th vertex of the face, represented as an SoPointDetail.