Class SoLineDetail

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    public class SoLineDetail
    extends SoDetail
    Stores detail information about vertex-based shapes made of line segments. This class contains detail information about a line segment in a vertex-based shape made of line segments. The information includes the points at the ends of the segment, and the index of the segment within the shape.

    See Also:
    SoDetail, SoPickedPoint, SoPrimitiveVertex, SoVertexShape
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoLineDetail

        public SoLineDetail​(SoLineDetail copyFrom)
      • SoLineDetail

        public SoLineDetail()
    • Method Detail

      • getLineIndex

        public int getLineIndex()
        Returns the index of the line the segment is part of within a shape, such as the third line within an SoLineSet.
      • getPoint1

        public SoPointDetail getPoint1()
        Returns information about the second of two points forming the end vertices of the line segment, represented as an SoPointDetail.
      • getPoint

        public SoPointDetail getPoint​(int i)
        Returns information about the point forming the i'th end of the line, represented as an SoPointDetail.
      • getPartIndex

        public int getPartIndex()
        Returns the index of the part containing the line segment within the shape. Usually, the part index is the same as the line segment index, such as the fifth segment overall within an SoLineSet.
      • copy

        public SoDetail copy()
        Returns an instance that is a copy of this instance. The caller is responsible for deleting the copy when it is no longer needed.
        copy in class SoDetail
      • setLineIndex

        public void setLineIndex​(int i)
      • setPartIndex

        public void setPartIndex​(int i)
      • getPoint0

        public SoPointDetail getPoint0()
        Returns information about the first of two points forming the end vertices of the line segment, represented as an SoPointDetail.
      • setPoint

        public void setPoint​(int index,
                             SoPointDetail pd)