Class SoCacheElement

  • public class SoCacheElement
    extends SoElement
    Stores the most recently opened cache. This element stores the most recently opened cache.

    SoSeparator, SoRenderList

    • Method Detail

      • anyOpen

        public static boolean anyOpen​(SoState state)
        Returns true if any cache is currently open in the state.
      • set

        public static void set​(SoState state,
                               SoCache cache)
        Sets cache in element accessed from state.
      • invalidate

        public static void invalidate​(SoState state)
        Invalidate any open caches. This is called by nodes that should not be cached.
      • getClassStackIndex

        public static int getClassStackIndex()
        As of Open Inventor 9300. replaced by SoElement.getClassStackIndex(Class)
        Returns the stack id for this element. ] *
      • closeAnyOpen

        public static void closeAnyOpen​(SoState state)
        Closes any open cache.
      • getCache

        public SoCache getCache()
        Returns the cache stored in an instance. This may be NULL.
      • pop

        public void pop​(SoState state,
                        SoElement prevTopElement)
        Overrides this method to unref cache.
        pop in class SoElement
      • push

        public void push​(SoState state)
        push to save dependencies list
        push in class SoElement
      • getNextCacheElement

        public SoCacheElement getNextCacheElement()
        Returns the next cache element in the stack.