Class SoDoubleTapGestureEvent

  • public class SoDoubleTapGestureEvent
    extends SoGestureEvent
    Class for double-tap gesture events. SoDoubleTapGestureEvent represents a double-tap gesture event in the Open Inventor event model. Touch events are analyzed by a SoDoubleTapGestureRecognizer. When a double-tap gesture is recognized, the recognizer generates this event. It's a gesture with only END state (only one event is generated at the end of the gesture). The finger has to stay within a limitation area and the gesture must be completed within a time limit (see SoDoubleTapGestureRecognizer). Currently only double tap gestures are recognized.


    • In order to get touch events for the gesture recognizer(s) to recognize, the application must explicitly register a touch screen device (SoWinTouchScreen, SoQtTouchScreen, etc).
    • In order to get gesture events, the application must explicitly register gesture recognizers with the touch screen device's touch manager (SoTouchManager).

    See Also:
    SoEvent, SoGestureEvent, SoRotateGestureEvent, SoScaleGestureEvent, SoLongTapGestureEvent, SoDoubleTapGestureRecognizer
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      • SoDoubleTapGestureEvent

        public SoDoubleTapGestureEvent()