Class SoGestureEvent

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    SoDoubleTapGestureEvent, SoLongTapGestureEvent, SoRotateGestureEvent, SoScaleGestureEvent

    public class SoGestureEvent
    extends SoEvent
    Base class for gesture events. SoGestureEvent represents a series of touch events beginning with begin state and finishing with end state. It is the base class for gesture events in the Open Inventor model. Gesture events can be handled using (for example) an SoEventCallback node.

    All touch events are analyzed by recognizers. When a gesture is recognized, the recognizer generates the corresponding event. This class stores the begin/delta/end state of the gesture when the event occurred.


    • In order to get touch events for the gesture recognizer(s) to recognize, the application must explicitly register a touch screen device (SoWinTouchScreen, SoQtTouchScreen, etc).
    • In order to get gesture events, the application must explicitly register gesture recognizers with the touch screen device's touch manager (SoTouchManager).

    SoEvent, SoRotateGestureEvent, SoScaleGestureEvent, SoTapGestureEvent, SoGestureRecognizer

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      • SoGestureEvent

        public SoGestureEvent()