Class SoGLDevice

  • public class SoGLDevice
    extends SoDevice
    OpenGL device management class. This class provides functions to discover, and query information about, GPU devices available in the system through the OpenGL API. You can query, for example, the total memory available on the device.

    Please see SoDevice for general information about the device classes.

    See SoGLScreenDevice for information about displays attached to a GPU.

    See Also:
    SoCpuDevice, SoGLBufferObject, SoGLContext, SoGLScreenDevice
    • Method Detail

      • getScreenDevicesCount

        public int getScreenDevicesCount()
        Returns the number of screen devices connected to the GL device.
      • getDevicesCount

        public static int getDevicesCount()
        Returns the number of GPUs on the sytem.
      • getMainScreenDevice

        public SoGLScreenDevice getMainScreenDevice()
        Returns the main screen device connected to the GL device.
      • getDeviceSettings

        public SoGLDeviceSettings getDeviceSettings()
        Returns an handle of the driver API allowing to modify profile of this device. The return is depending of the driver manufacturer (NVidia, AMD, Intel...). Returns NULL if the API is not available. E.g.: For Intel driver, NULL is always returned.
      • getDevice

        public static SoGLDevice getDevice​(int index)
        Returns the SoGLDevice indicated by index (starting from 0).

        index - The index of the SoGLDevice.
      • findFirstAvailableDevice

        public static SoGLDevice findFirstAvailableDevice()
        Returns the first available device found in the system. Since Open Inventor version 9.7.2, this is guaranteed to be the device that Open Inventor will actually use for rendering.