Class SoBBox

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    public class SoBBox
    extends SoNode
    Bounding box node. This class specifies a bounding box during scene graph traversal. This allows the application to use an application defined bounding box or to stop a getBoundingBox action for the current scene graph branch. Note: if a projection is defined in the scene graph, the SoBBox is ignored.

    This can be useful, for example:

    • To specify the bounding box of some very large geometry.
      For example to avoid the CPU time to calculate the bounding box. (Use mode = USER_DEFINED)
    • To "hide" some geometry from the bounding box calculation.
      For example to avoid having annotation geometry, like legends and titles, affect the viewer's viewAll operation. (Use mode = NO_BOUNDING_BOX)

    File format/default:

    BBox {

      mode DISABLE
      boundingBox 0 0 0 0 0 0

    Action behavior:

    If enabled, draws the specified bbox when complexity type = BOUNDING_BOX.

    If enabled, stops traversal of this portion of the scene graph and, if mode = USER_DEFINED, adds the specified bbox to the accumulated bbox.

    • Field Detail

      • boundingBox

        public final SoSFBox3f boundingBox
        Application-defined bounding box.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoBBox

        public SoBBox()