Class SoGeoProjection

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    public class SoGeoProjection
    extends SoProjection
    Geospatial projection node. This property node defines a geospatial coordinate projection that will be applied to all subsequent shapes in the scene graph.

    The projection used is either an instance of SbProj4Projection or an instance of SbSphericalProjection. To see the list of available projections, refer to SbProj4Projection.

    The SbSphericalProjection instance will be chosen if the projection field is set to SPHERICAL. All other projections are provided by SbProj4Projection.

    When an instance of SbProj4Projection is being used, you can set the coordinateSystem and ellipsoid to be used in the projection. An ellispoid definition is a mathematical representation used to approximate the earth when computing projections.

    Available coordinate systems are :

    • GEODETIC :
      • x coordinate : degrees longitudes from -180 to 180
      • y coordinate : degrees latitudes from -90 to 90
      • z coordinate : meters
      • x, y and z coordinate : meters

    See SoProjection for limitations of coordinate projection nodes.

    File format/default:

    GeoProjection {

      parameters ""
      matrix identity
      isOn true
      floatParameters 1
      projTypeId 0
      coordinateSystem GEODETIC
      ellipsoid WGS84
      projection CASSINI

    SoProjection, SbProj4Projection