Class SoNurbsProfile

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    public class SoNurbsProfile
    extends SoProfile
    NURBS profile curve. This node specifies a NURBS curve that is used as a profile.

    When a NURBS shape is rendered, its NURBS profile is constructed using the NURBS profile information from this node and the current profile coordinates. (Note: Here "current" means at the time the NURBS shape is traversed, not when the SoNurbsProfile is traversed.)

    The curve is defined in the same way as a standard SoNurbsCurve, except that the control points are constructed from the current set of profile coordinates, using the index field.

    When two profiles share the same boundary, the corresponding NURBS surfaces will be joined along these profiles, producing crack-free tessellation. Two profiles share the same boundary when their boundary fields contain the same SoNurbsBoundary node. To be rendered crack free, the surfaces must be part of the same SoNurbsGroup.

    Note: Trimmed NURBS are correctly displayed only if an outer boundary is defined (must have counterclockwise orientation).

    File format/default:

    NurbsProfile {

      index 0
      linkage START_FIRST
      knotVector 0
      boundary 0

    Action behavior:

    SoGLRenderAction, SoCallbackAction, SoRayPickAction
    Adds a profile to the current traversal state.

    See Also:
    SoLinearProfile, SoNurbsCurve, SoProfileCoordinate2, SoProfileCoordinate3, SoNurbsGroup, SoNurbsBoundary
    • Field Detail

      • knotVector

        public final SoMFFloat knotVector
        The knot vector for the NURBS curve. It must be a list of non-decreasing floating point values.
      • boundary

        public final SoSFNode boundary
        Associate the profile with the specified boundary using an SoNurbsBoundary node. All profiles which are associated with the same boundary are joined together.

        Open Inventor 6.0

    • Constructor Detail

      • SoNurbsProfile

        public SoNurbsProfile()
        Creates a NURBS profile curve node with default settings.