Class SbProjectionCoordinates

  • public class SbProjectionCoordinates
    extends Inventor
    Cache projected coordinates. This class stores the projected coordinates associated with a given geometry node and a given SoProjection node during a scene graph traversal. Each instance of SbProjectionCoordinates maintains a cache, based on the node IDs of the associated node and projection node. Calling resetCache() will force the projected coordinates to be recomputed during the next traversal.

    See Also:
    SoProjection, SoGeoProjection
    • Constructor Detail

      • SbProjectionCoordinates

        public SbProjectionCoordinates​(SoProjection projection)
      • SbProjectionCoordinates

        public SbProjectionCoordinates()
    • Method Detail

      • resetCache

        public void resetCache​(SoNode node)
        Reset the cache.
      • getCoordinates

        public SbVec3f[] getCoordinates()
        Return coordinates .
      • initCoordinates

        public void initCoordinates​(SoNode node,
                                    int size)
      • cacheIsValid

        public boolean cacheIsValid​(SoNode node)
        Return whether the cache is valid or not.
      • setProjection

        public void setProjection​(SoProjection projection)
        Set associated projection.
      • getDirectCoordinates

        public java.nio.FloatBuffer getDirectCoordinates()
        Return coordinates .