Class PoIndexListFilter

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    public class PoIndexListFilter
    extends PoMesh1DFilter
    Node to define a index list filter. This node defines the current index list filter of all subsequent MeshViz representations inhering from PoChart. A list of points is selected by their indices from the geometry of the current mesh 1D (PoRegularMesh1D or PoIrregularMesh1D) by all subsequent representations. For instance, if geometry of the current mesh 1D is 0 0.5 4 6 and the index list is 0 3, only the points 0 and 6 will be used by the representations.

    File format/default:

    PoIndexListFilter {

      index 0
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      • index

        public final SoMFInt32 index
        Defines the index list used to filter the mesh 1D geometry.
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      • PoIndexListFilter

        public PoIndexListFilter()