Class PoMesh1DFilter

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    PoCoordinateListFilter, PoIndexListFilter, PoPeriodFilter, PoPeriodIndexFilter

    public class PoMesh1DFilter
    extends PoNode
    Abstract base class for all filter nodes. This node is the abstract base class for filter nodes. Filter nodes allow geometry of mesh 1D (PoIrregularMesh1D or PoRegularMesh1D) to be filtered. Filtering consists on selecting particular points on the mesh 1D geometry. The way of selecting these points is determined by the derived classes. This is only these points which are used by the all the subsequent representations (heriting from PoChart) in a scene graph. If no filter node is present in the path used by a representation all the geometry points of the current mesh 1D are used by this representation.