Class SoHeightFieldPropertyMask

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    public class SoHeightFieldPropertyMask
    extends SoVolumeData
    Height field mask node. SoHeightFieldPropertyMask specifies undefined "cells" in a height field data set. The mask is itself a data volume consisting of binary values. The volume values may be any supported data type. Zero values are "false" indicating undefined cells and non-zero values are "true" indicating valid cells.

    A cell is defined by four height values in the SoHeightFieldGeometry data set. Setting a value to the undefinedValue in SoHeightFieldGeometry removes that height value from the mesh. Setting a cell to undefined in SoHeightFieldPropertyMask effectively removes four height values from the mesh.

    The dimensions of the SoHeightFieldPropertyMask data set must be exactly the same as the dimensions of the corresponding SoHeightFieldGeomerty data set. However, since this data set corresponds to cells, if the SoHeightFieldGeometry dimensions are N x N, then only (N-1) x (N-1) values in the SoHeightFieldPropertyMask will actually be used.

    Note that the inherited undefinedValue field is ignored. Setting it has no effect.

    File format/default:

    HeightFieldPropertyMask {

      allocateResourceOnRender false
      data NODATA 0 0 0 UBYTE 8
      dataRGBA false
      dataSetId 1
      dataTransform NULL
      extent -1 -1 -1 1 1 1
      fileName ""
      texturePrecision 0
      undefinedValue NaN
      useCompressedTexture true
      useExtendedData false
      usePalettedTexture true
      useSharedPalettedTexture true

    See Also:
    SoHeightFieldRender, SoHeightFieldGeometry, SoMultiDataSeparator, SoHeightFieldProperty, SoConverter
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        public SoHeightFieldPropertyMask()