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OIV.Inventor.Devices Namespace

Open Inventor supported devices.

Public classSoBaseContextObject

Context dependent object management class.

Public classSoBufferObject

Abstract base class for buffer object management.

Public classSoCpuBufferObject

CPU buffer object class.

Public classSoCpuContext

CPU device context managment class.

Public classSoCpuDevice

CPU device management class.

Public classSoDevice

Abstract device management class.

Public classSoDeviceContext

Abstract base class for device context managment.

Public classSoDeviceContextSharedGroup

Shared context management class.

Public classSoGLBufferObject

OpenGL buffer object class.

Public classSoGLContext

OpenGL context management class.

Public classSoGLDevice

OpenGL device management class.

Public classSoGLDeviceSettings

Device settings management class.

Public classSoGLExtension

Contains methods to query and disable OpenGL extensions.

Public classSoGLFormat

OpenGL pixel format management class.

Public classSoGLScreenDevice

GL Screen device class.

Public classSoGpuBufferObject

GPU buffer object class.

Public classSoInteropBufferObject

Abstract base class for interoperability buffer object management.

Public enumerationSoBufferObjectAccessModes

This enum provides the possible access modes for a mapped buffer object.

Public enumerationSoCpuDeviceProcessorArchitectures

This enum contains the list of possible architectures for the CPU.

Public enumerationSoGLBufferObjectBufferObjectTargets

This enum declares the possible targets of the buffer.

Public enumerationSoGLBufferObjectUsages

This enum declares the possible usages of the memory allocated for the buffer.

Public enumerationSoGLContextSharedGroupPolicies

Sharing Policy.

Public enumerationSoGpuBufferObjectBufferAccessFrequencies

Available values for hints on how frequently the application will be changing the buffer's data.

Public enumerationSoGpuBufferObjectBufferAccessNatures

Available values for hints on the nature of the application's access to the buffer.


Open Inventor can use different systems resources and is design in a way to easily allow new device support integration.

Currently supported devices type are :

  • any devices supporting OpenGL API.

  • any CPU with different level of optimization depending on available compute unit (SSE, Altivec...).

  • any device supporting CUDA API.

  • any device supporting OpenCL API.