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RenderAreaListener Class

This class can be overridden by an application to receive notifications from a OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.RenderArea.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering
Assembly: OIV.RemoteViz (in OIV.RemoteViz.dll) Version: 2024.1.1.0 (2024.1.1)
public class RenderAreaListener : SoNetBase

The RenderAreaListener type exposes the following members.

Public methodRenderAreaListener
Default constructor.
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Public methodOnClosedConnection

Triggered when a connection is closed.

Public methodOnInitializedConnection

Triggered when the connection and the frame encoders are initialized successfully.

Public methodOnKeyDown

Triggered when a KeyDown event is received from the client.

Public methodOnKeyUp

Triggered when a KeyUp event is received from the client.

Public methodOnMouseDoubleClick

Triggered when a MouseDoubleClick event is received from the client.

Public methodOnMouseDown

Triggered when a MouseDown event is received from the client.

Public methodOnMouseEnter

Triggered when a MouseEnter event is received from the client.

Public methodOnMouseLeave

Triggered when a MouseLeave event is received from the client.

Public methodOnMouseMove

Triggered when a MouseMove event is received from the client.

Public methodOnMouseUp

Triggered when a MouseUp event is received from the client.

Public methodOnMouseWheel

Triggered when a mouse wheel event (rotatation) is received from the client.

Public methodOnOpenedConnection

Triggered when a client connects to the OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.RenderArea.

Public methodOnPostRender

Triggered after a rendering is done.

Public methodOnPreRender

Triggered before a rendering is done.

Public methodOnReceivedMessage(RenderArea, Connection, IListByte)

Triggered when a binary message is received from a client.

Public methodOnReceivedMessage(RenderArea, Connection, String)

Triggered when a text message is received from a client.

Public methodOnRefusedEncoder

Triggered when a frame encoder cannot be initialized.

Public methodOnRequestedFrame

Triggered when a new frame is requested by a connection.

Public methodOnRequestedSize

Triggered when a client requests a new renderArea size.

Public methodOnResize

Triggered when the renderArea is resized.

Public methodOnSendingFrame

Triggered before sending a frame to the client.

Public methodOnTouchEnd

Triggered when a TouchEnd event is received from the client.

Public methodOnTouchMove

Triggered when a TouchMove event is received from the client.

Public methodOnTouchStart

Triggered when a TouchStart event is received from the client.

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There are several categories of notifications:

  • OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.Connection: To know when a connection has been created, initialized and disposed.

  • Render: To know the start/end of rendering and when an image is sent to the client.

  • Input events: To handle MouseDown, MouseUp, etc. events triggered by the user.

  • Messages: To handle messages sent from the client.

For notifications related to the lifetime of the OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.RenderArea itself, see the OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.ServiceListener class.

Typically the application will attach a listener to the OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.RenderArea in the onInstantiatedRenderArea() method of its OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.ServiceListener. But applications can also create a OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.RenderArea explicitly and attach a listener.

A typical sequence of calls to this listener is:

  • OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.RenderAreaListener.OnOpenedConnection(OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.RenderArea, OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.Connection, OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.FrameEncoders)OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.Connection object has been created (isOpen will return true)

  • OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.RenderAreaListener.OnInitializedConnection(OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.RenderArea, OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.Connection, OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.FrameEncoders)OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.Connection is fully initialized (e.g. calibration has finished) While application is rendering...

  • OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.RenderAreaListener.OnClosedConnection(OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.RenderArea, System.String, System.Boolean)OIV.RemoteViz.Rendering.Connection object has been disposed (isOpen will return false)

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