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MeshViz Property node that defines a combine color mapping. More...

#include <MeshVizXLM/mapping/nodes/MoCombineColorMapping.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual SoType getTypeId () const
 MoCombineColorMapping ()
virtual void setColorMapping (const MiColorMapping< std::vector< double >, SbColorRGBA > *colorMapping)
virtual const MiColorMapping
< std::vector< double >
, SbColorRGBA > * 
getColorMapping ()

Static Public Member Functions

static SoType getClassTypeId ()

Detailed Description

MeshViz Property node that defines a combine color mapping.

This node specifies a combine color mapping function defined by a custom MiColorMapping object provided by the application. Specifically an MiColorMapping object that maps a vector of double values to an SbColorRGBA value.

This node is similar to MoCustomColorMapping except that this node allows combining multiple scalar values to produce a single color. The field colorScalarSetId from MoMeshRepresentation is then ignored and all scalars are retrieved from the MoScalarSet nodes found in the state. The number of values passed to the MiColorMapping implementation corresponds to the number of MoScalarSet nodes in the state.

This node has no fields. Therefore the node itself can be written to (and read from) an Inventor file, but the actual combine color mapping is not written or read back.
This node is not supported by MoLegend.




MiColorMapping, MoCustomColorMapping, MoLevelColorMapping, MoLinearColorMapping, MoPredefinedColorMapping

NOTE: node available since Open Inventor 9.9

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MoCombineColorMapping::MoCombineColorMapping (  ) 


Initially the color mapping is empty and has no effect.

Member Function Documentation

static SoType MoCombineColorMapping::getClassTypeId (  )  [static]

Returns the type identifier for this class.

Reimplemented from MoActionNode.

virtual const MiColorMapping<std::vector<double>, SbColorRGBA>* MoCombineColorMapping::getColorMapping (  )  [virtual]

Gets the color mapping interface.

virtual SoType MoCombineColorMapping::getTypeId (  )  const [virtual]

Returns the type identifier for this specific instance.

Reimplemented from MoActionNode.

virtual void MoCombineColorMapping::setColorMapping ( const MiColorMapping< std::vector< double >, SbColorRGBA > *  colorMapping  )  [virtual]

Sets the color mapping interface.

Sets the node as modified by calling touch(). When setting a new color map, the MiColorMapping::getTimeStamp() must return a different value than previously to actually take into account the change of color map.

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