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Large Data Management Abstract base class for converting data sets into LDM format. More...

#include <LDM/converters/SoConverter.h>

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SoBaseLDMConverter SoVolumeConverter

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struct  Stat

Public Types

enum  ConverterError {
  CVT_NO_NODE = -998,

Public Member Functions

virtual ~SoConverter ()
int convert (SoConverterParameters *parameters=NULL)
void setXmlCallback (void(*xmlCB)(FILE *, void *userData), void *userData)

Protected Types

enum  Abort {
enum  SampleType {

Protected Member Functions

 SoConverter ()
virtual void getSubSlice (const SbBox2i32 &subSlice, int sliceNumber, void *data)=0
virtual SbBox3f getSize (int &error)=0
virtual std::vector
< SoDataSet::DatumElement > 
getDatum (int &error)=0
virtual SbVec3i32 getDimension (int &error)=0
virtual int getRange (double &rangeMin, double &rangeMax)=0
virtual SoVolumeHistogramgetHistogram ()
virtual std::vector< SbVec2d > & getTileMinMax (int numTiles)
virtual void closeInputFileHandles ()
virtual void sampleTile (const SbVec3i32 &tileDim, int border, const void *const octantTile[8], const int octantExists[8], void *parentTile)=0
virtual void buildTile (SbBox3i32 &slabBox, SbVec3i32 &slabBufferDim, void *slabBuffer, SbVec3i32 &tileOrigin, void *tileBuffer)
void buildTile (const SbBox3i32 &subVolume, const void *subVolumeBuffer, const SbBox3i32 &tilePos, void *tileData, const SbBox3i32 &intersection)
virtual void outputHeader (FILE *)
virtual void outputTileBefore (int fileTileIndex, int dataSize, void *data, bool dataInverted)
virtual void startConversion ()
virtual void endConversion ()
virtual bool updateDataFile ()
virtual int getSpecificOffset (bool aligned=true)
virtual SbString getOriginalFilename () const
virtual void setOriginalFileName (const SbString &originalFileName)
virtual Abort progress (int numTilesGenerated, int numTilesToGenerate)
ConverterError buildHeader (const SbString &, bool conversionDone=false)
virtual void outputDataType (FILE *fout)
void inputTile (int fileTileIndex, int dataSize, void *data, bool i=false)
void printTime ()
int buildLevelMax ()
void outputTile (int fileTileIndex, int dataSize, void *, bool i=false)
void printCompressionInfos ()
int getNumTileToGenerate (SbBox3i32 &slabBox)
void writeTileComplete (int fileID, bool writeHeader=false)
void abortConversion ()
void readSlab (SbBox3i32 &slabBox, char *&slabBufferPtr, int64_t subSliceSize)
virtual void adjustParameters ()
virtual void handleCustomTags (FILE *)
bool isFastUpdate ()

Protected Attributes

SbBox3f m_volumeSize
void(* m_xmlCB )(FILE *, void *)
void * m_xmlCBUserData
int64_t m_filesize
int64_t m_compressedFilesize
SbString m_fileCompletion
SbString m_fileCompletionName
SbString m_fileExt
int m_pid
int m_levelMax
bool m_thinDataSet
SbVec3i32 m_volumeDimension
int m_numTilesToGenerate
bool m_abort
SiBitFile * m_bitFile
int64_t m_sizeOfTileIndex
char m_compressionType [256]
SoDataCompressInfo * m_lastWrittenCompressInfo
bool m_fromInitializeFiles
SampleType m_sampleType
int m_currentWordFormat
SbString m_originalFileName
std::vector< SbVec2dm_tileMinMax
SoConverter::ConverterError m_statusAdjustParameters

Static Protected Attributes

static const char * m_dataTypeStr []
static const char * m_dataTypeXml []


SoDEPRECATED int convert (int argc, char **argv)
SoDEPRECATED int convert (const SbStringList &arguments)

Detailed Description

Large Data Management Abstract base class for converting data sets into LDM format.

This is the abstract base class for classes that convert existing data sets into the LDM (Large Data Management) format.

SoConverter provides powerful features including:

Information common to all converter classes is included here including command line, incomplete conversion, compression and subsampling. Normally you will use, for example, the derived class SoVolumeConverter to convert volume data. You can also subclass from SoVolumeConverter to use a custom volume reader, provide a custom subsampling method, etc.

Command Line

When used as a command line application the string should have the following form:

inputFilename [-t tiledim] [-o filename] [-O [filename]] [-m memsize] [-h] [-w B|L] [-f u8|u16|u32|s8|s16|s32|f [-r min max]] [-q] [-D] [-P portnum] [-c type] [-l level] [-C] [-s [0..N]] [-u value] [-verticalFlip]


-t tiledim Dimension of tiles. Must be a power of two. Default is 128, meaning 128x128x128.

-b bordersize DEPRECATED Since OIV9.0, this parameter will be ignored.

-o filename Name of created XML header ldm file. Default is inputFilename with extension .ldm.

-O filename Name of the file containing the data. If filename is omitted, the default filename is the same as the output filename specified by the -o option, with extension .dat instead.

-m memsize Maximum size of memory to use in MB. Default is 512 MB.

-h Output the header only.

-w wordfmt Indicates the target machine word format is Big Endian (B) or Little Endian (L). Default is the current machine word format.

-f datafmt Indicates the output data format with * = 8,16,32. u*:unsigned integer, s*:signed integer, f:float. If the output data format is float, the values are mapped to the range [0-1]. Default is the input data format.
-r min max Indicates the input data range to map to the new data format specified by the -f option. If not specified, and input type is float and ouput type is integer, the values are simply cast into the output data type.
-q Quiet mode.

-c type Type of compression used. See also "-l level". By default the following compression types are available:

  • gzip:
    This is a lossless compression and can be used on any type of data. See SoGzipDataCompressor.
  • jpeg:
    This is a lossy compression. See SoJpegDataCompressor.
    Limitation: Can only be used on 8-bit scalar data sets.
  • jp3d:
    This is a wavelet compression that can be lossless or lossy. See SoJp3dDataCompressor.
    Limitation: 32 bit data values (float or integer) are always converted to 16 bit values.
-l level Level of compression used. See also "-c type". The meaning of this parameter depends on the type of compression used:

  • gzip:
    Lossless compression. Level must be between 0 and 9: 0 gives no compression, 9 gives best compression but slower speed. Default is 3.
  • jpeg:
    Lossy compression. Level must be between 0 and 100: 0 gives best compression but most loss of data, 100 gives minimum compression and minimum data alteration. Default is 85.
  • jp3d:
    Wavelet compression that can be lossless or lossy. A level of 0 specifies the lossless mode, and any other value sets the target PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio). Typical values for PSNR are: 70dB for near lossless mode, and 40dB for visually lossless mode.
-C Data integrity check. When compression is enabled using -c, adds a data integrity check value to all compressed tiles. If the environment variable LDM_COMPRESS_CHECK_CRC32 is set, data values will be checked each time they are read from disk.
-s 0..n Specifies the algorithm used to build low resolution tiles. Available options are :

  • 0 to use decimation algorithm (one voxel out of two).
  • n to use weighted average algorithm : voxels of tile of resolution N+1 are built from the average of the 6 neighbors from resolution N and the current voxel value weighted by n. If not specified, by default the decimation algorithm is used (n=0).
-u value Undefined value. The given value will marked as undefined in the LDM file. This is currently used by SoHeightFieldRender (vertices with undefined values are not rendered).
-rgba Specifies that output will be unsigned int32 RGBA values.

-noHistogram Disable histogram computation (conversion will be faster).

-B value Define threshold value to generate a bitset dataset.
Any value in the dataset less than or equal to the threshold will generate a zero bit. Values greater than threshold will generate a one bit.

-verticalFlip Flip the output on Y axis.

The return value may be one of the following:

CVT_FINISHED_WITH_WARNINGS Some warnings occured but task complete
CVT_NO_ERROR No problem, task complete
CVT_INPUT_PARAMS_PROBLEM Input parameters problem: input filename missing, bad parameter value, or invalid option
CVT_FILE_EXT_UNKNOWN Unknown file type (file extension)
CVT_CANT_OPEN_INPUT_FILE Could not open input file (does not exist)
CVT_CANT_CREATE_DATA_FILE Could not create data file
CVT_CANT_CREATE_HEADER_FILE Could not create header file
CVT_NOT_ENOUGH_DISK_SPACE Could not allocate disk space for the data file
CVT_ABORTED Conversion has been aborted by the application, task not complete
CVT_NO_NODE Distributed converter cannot be used as the license does not allow any client node

Incomplete Conversion

The converter saves the progress of the conversion in case the user wishes to abort or start visualizing the converted data or if the program crashes for any reason. In this case, the LDM files (header and data) are coupled with a completion file (name of the header file with an extension of .fcp). When restarting the converter, if the header file points to a .fcp file (XML tag <completionFilename>), the conversion will restart where it previously ended. When visualizing an incompletely converted file, it is possible to know where data actually exists by turning on the topology outlines (see SoVolumeRendering). Red outlines indicate actual data.

In order to restart an incomplete conversion, the header file must be in synch with the completion file. For this reason when writing the pair of header/completion files, the converter first backs up the pair of files before overwriting them (.ldm and .fcp with .bck extension). If the header file is lost or its size is less than the size of the backed up header file, then you can rename the backed up completion and header files to restart the conversion.




SoConverterParameters, SoVolumeConverter, SoVolumeReader, SoDataCompressor, SoJpegDataCompressor, SoGzipDataCompressor

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum SoConverter::Abort [protected]



Converter errors.


Finished with warnings.


No error.


Input params problems.


Unknown file extension.


Unable to open file.


Unable to create data file.


Unable to create header file.


No enough disk space.


Unable to read input file.


Conversion aborted.


Uninitialized converter.


No node.


No LDM license.

enum SoConverter::SampleType [protected]

Define available algorithm available for downsampling process.


Decimation : Only one voxel out of two.


Average : Voxel value in parent tile is an average of Neighbor voxel in child tile.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual SoConverter::~SoConverter (  )  [virtual]


SoConverter::SoConverter (  )  [protected]


Member Function Documentation

void SoConverter::abortConversion (  )  [protected]
virtual void SoConverter::adjustParameters (  )  [inline, protected, virtual]
ConverterError SoConverter::buildHeader ( const SbString ,
bool  conversionDone = false 
) [protected]
int SoConverter::buildLevelMax (  )  [protected]
void SoConverter::buildTile ( const SbBox3i32 subVolume,
const void *  subVolumeBuffer,
const SbBox3i32 tilePos,
void *  tileData,
const SbBox3i32 intersection 
) [protected]
virtual void SoConverter::buildTile ( SbBox3i32 slabBox,
SbVec3i32 slabBufferDim,
void *  slabBuffer,
SbVec3i32 tileOrigin,
void *  tileBuffer 
) [protected, virtual]
virtual void SoConverter::closeInputFileHandles (  )  [protected, virtual]
SoDEPRECATED int SoConverter::convert ( const SbStringList arguments  ) 

Deprecated since Open Inventor 9000
Use convert( SoConverterParameters* parameters = NULL) instead.
SoDEPRECATED int SoConverter::convert ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Deprecated since Open Inventor 9000
Use convert( SoConverterParameters* parameters = NULL) instead.
int SoConverter::convert ( SoConverterParameters parameters = NULL  ) 

Main converter function.

Call this method to launch the converter. Conversion parameters may be specified using an instance of SoConverterParameters. Returns 0 if conversion was successful, else returns one of the CVT_ error codes above.

virtual void SoConverter::endConversion (  )  [inline, protected, virtual]
virtual std::vector<SoDataSet::DatumElement> SoConverter::getDatum ( int &  error  )  [protected, pure virtual]
virtual SbVec3i32 SoConverter::getDimension ( int &  error  )  [protected, pure virtual]
virtual SoVolumeHistogram* SoConverter::getHistogram (  )  [protected, virtual]
int SoConverter::getNumTileToGenerate ( SbBox3i32 slabBox  )  [protected]
SbString SoConverter::getOriginalFilename (  )  const [inline, protected, virtual]
virtual int SoConverter::getRange ( double &  rangeMin,
double &  rangeMax 
) [protected, pure virtual]
virtual SbBox3f SoConverter::getSize ( int &  error  )  [protected, pure virtual]
virtual int SoConverter::getSpecificOffset ( bool  aligned = true  )  [inline, protected, virtual]
virtual void SoConverter::getSubSlice ( const SbBox2i32 subSlice,
int  sliceNumber,
void *  data 
) [protected, pure virtual]
virtual std::vector<SbVec2d>& SoConverter::getTileMinMax ( int  numTiles  )  [protected, virtual]
virtual void SoConverter::handleCustomTags ( FILE *   )  [inline, protected, virtual]
void SoConverter::inputTile ( int  fileTileIndex,
int  dataSize,
void *  data,
bool  i = false 
) [protected]
bool SoConverter::isFastUpdate (  )  [protected]

Return TRUE if converter can do a fast update of the LDM file (ie: converting a ldm file with borders to a borderless one).

virtual void SoConverter::outputDataType ( FILE *  fout  )  [protected, virtual]
virtual void SoConverter::outputHeader ( FILE *   )  [inline, protected, virtual]
void SoConverter::outputTile ( int  fileTileIndex,
int  dataSize,
void *  ,
bool  i = false 
) [protected]
void SoConverter::outputTileBefore ( int  fileTileIndex,
int  dataSize,
void *  data,
bool  dataInverted 
) [inline, protected, virtual]
void SoConverter::printCompressionInfos (  )  [protected]
void SoConverter::printTime (  )  [protected]
virtual Abort SoConverter::progress ( int  numTilesGenerated,
int  numTilesToGenerate 
) [protected, virtual]

This method is called each time a tile of data is generated.

numTilesGenerated represents the number of tiles already generated and numTilesToGenerate is the total number of tiles to generate. So the quotient of these two numbers represents the progress of the task. If this method returns ABORT, the task is stopped. By default it returns CONTINUE.

void SoConverter::readSlab ( SbBox3i32 slabBox,
char *&  slabBufferPtr,
int64_t  subSliceSize 
) [protected]
virtual void SoConverter::sampleTile ( const SbVec3i32 tileDim,
int  border,
const void *const   octantTile[8],
const int  octantExists[8],
void *  parentTile 
) [protected, pure virtual]

Method used to downsample a tile.

The input are the eight higher resolution tiles used to create the one lower resolution tile (parent). By default, the converter simply takes one voxel out of two in the higher resolution tile to create the parent tile. This method can be overriden by a custom converter to use a different approach. Inputs are: tileDim is the size of the tile to create in number of voxels. dataType is the type of the data (the value corresponds to the SoDataSet::DataType enum). border only a border of 0 is supported since Open Inventor 9.0. octantTile are the values of the 8 higher resolution tiles. octantExists let the user know if a given octant is free of data (the data is an asymmetric volume). Output is the parentTile buffer.

void SoConverter::setOriginalFileName ( const SbString originalFileName  )  [inline, protected, virtual]
void SoConverter::setXmlCallback ( void(*)(FILE *, void *userData)  xmlCB,
void *  userData 

Specifies the callback that will be called when the LDM file header is generated.

This allows the application to add custom XML tags. The custom tags can be read back using the method SoVRLdmFileReader::getXmlTag().

virtual void SoConverter::startConversion (  )  [inline, protected, virtual]
virtual bool SoConverter::updateDataFile (  )  [inline, protected, virtual]
void SoConverter::writeTileComplete ( int  fileID,
bool  writeHeader = false 
) [protected]

Member Data Documentation

bool SoConverter::m_abort [protected]
SiBitFile* SoConverter::m_bitFile [protected]
int64_t SoConverter::m_compressedFilesize [protected]
char SoConverter::m_compressionType[256] [protected]
const char* SoConverter::m_dataTypeStr[] [static, protected]
const char* SoConverter::m_dataTypeXml[] [static, protected]
int64_t SoConverter::m_filesize [protected]
SoDataCompressInfo* SoConverter::m_lastWrittenCompressInfo [protected]
int SoConverter::m_levelMax [protected]
int SoConverter::m_pid [protected]
int64_t SoConverter::m_sizeOfTileIndex [protected]
bool SoConverter::m_thinDataSet [protected]
std::vector<SbVec2d> SoConverter::m_tileMinMax [protected]

One minMax for each file ids.

void(* SoConverter::m_xmlCB)(FILE *, void *) [protected]
void* SoConverter::m_xmlCBUserData [protected]

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