SoCpuBufferBasicProperty Class Reference

Large Data Management LDM buffer object handling basic LDM tile information. More...

#include <LDM/tiles/SoCpuBufferBasicProperty.h>

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SoCpuBufferObject SoBufferPropertiesInterface SoBufferObject SoRefCounter SoTypedObject SoCpuBufferAsyncBasicProperty

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Public Member Functions

 SoCpuBufferBasicProperty ()
virtual bool getMinMax (double &min, double &max)
virtual void setMinMax (const double &min, const double &max)
virtual size_t getRealSize () const

Detailed Description

Large Data Management LDM buffer object handling basic LDM tile information.

This type of buffer represents a standard LDM tile.


SoBufferPropertiesInterface, SoCpuBufferObject, SoCpuBufferUniform, SoCpuBufferCompressed

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoCpuBufferBasicProperty::SoCpuBufferBasicProperty (  ) 

Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool SoCpuBufferBasicProperty::getMinMax ( double &  min,
double &  max 
) [virtual]

Get the min and max values in the buffer, if they are known.

Returns false if these values have not been set or computed. Returns true if values are available.

min user variable to store min value
max user variable to store max value

Implements SoBufferPropertiesInterface.

virtual size_t SoCpuBufferBasicProperty::getRealSize (  )  const [virtual]

Returns the size of the buffer in bytes.

For this type of buffer the real size is the same as the size of the SoBufferObject.

Implements SoBufferPropertiesInterface.

virtual void SoCpuBufferBasicProperty::setMinMax ( const double &  min,
const double &  max 
) [virtual]

Set the min and max values for this buffer.

min user variable containing min value
max user variable containing max value

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