Class SbLine

  • public class SbLine
    extends SbBasic
    Directed line in 3D. Represents a directed line in 3D. This is a basic Open Inventor datatype that is used for representing a 3D line. It is used as input and output by a variety of Open Inventor classes.

    See Also:
    SbVec3f, SbPlane
    • Field Detail

      • array

        public final float[] array
    • Constructor Detail

      • SbLine

        public SbLine​(float[] components)
      • SbLine

        public SbLine​(SbLine copyFrom)
      • SbLine

        public SbLine​(SbVec3f p0,
                      SbVec3f p1)
        Constructor. The line is directed from p0 to p1.
        To construct a line from a position and direction you can use: SbLine(p0, p0 + dir), but using the default constructor followed by the setPosDir() method is recommended to avoid floating point precision problems.
      • SbLine

        public SbLine()
        Default constructor. The line is not initialized.
    • Method Detail

      • setValue

        public SbLine setValue​(float[] components)
      • getValue

        public float[] getValue()
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(SbLine copyFrom)
      • setValue

        public SbLine setValue​(float[] components,
                               int startIndex)
      • getClosestPoint

        public SbVec3f getClosestPoint​(SbVec3f point)
        Returns the closest point on the line to the given point.
      • toArray

        public static SbLine[] toArray​(long nativeArray,
                                       long length)
      • getClosestPoints

        public SbVec3f[] getClosestPoints​(SbLine line2)
        Finds the two closest points between this line and line2, and loads them into ptOnThis and ptOnLine2. Returns false if the lines are parallel (results undefined), and returns true otherwise.
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(SbLined line)
        Sets line from a double precision line.
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(SbVec3f p0,
                             SbVec3f p1)
        Sets line to pass through points p0 and p1.
      • setIntersectEpsilon

        public static void setIntersectEpsilon​(float epsilon)
        Setup epsilon to detect intersection of very small geometry.
      • setPosDir

        public void setPosDir​(SbVec3f position,
                              SbVec3f direction)
        Sets line using a position and a direction vector. The direction vector will be normalized automatically. This method is preferred over setValue when the point has very large magnitude, for example 1e6, because adding a normalized direction vector to such a point may not be significant.
      • getPosition

        public SbVec3f getPosition()
        Returns position of line origin point.
      • getDirection

        public SbVec3f getDirection()
        Returns direction vector of line.