Class SbPlane

  • public class SbPlane
    extends SbBasic
    Oriented plane in 3D. Represents an oriented plane in 3D. This is a lightweight class/datatype that is used for arguments to some Open Inventor objects.

    See Also:
    SbVec3f, SbLine
    • Field Detail

      • array

        public final float[] array
    • Constructor Detail

      • SbPlane

        public SbPlane​(float[] components)
      • SbPlane

        public SbPlane​(SbPlane copyFrom)
      • SbPlane

        public SbPlane​(SbVec3f normal,
                       float distance)
        Constructor. normal is a normal vector and distance is distance from origin to plane along normal vector.
      • SbPlane

        public SbPlane​(SbVec3f p0,
                       SbVec3f p1,
                       SbVec3f p2)
        Constructor. p0, p1, and p2 represent three points in the plane.
      • SbPlane

        public SbPlane​(SbVec3f normal,
                       SbVec3f point)
        Constructor. normal is a normal vector and point is a point in 3-space for the plane to pass through.
      • SbPlane

        public SbPlane()
        Default constructor. The plane is not initialized.
    • Method Detail

      • setValue

        public SbPlane setValue​(float[] components)
      • setValue

        public SbPlane setValue​(float[] components,
                                int startIndex)
      • getValue

        public float[] getValue()
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(SbPlane copyFrom)
      • transform

        public void transform​(SbMatrix matrix)
        Transforms the plane by the given matrix.
      • getDistance

        public float getDistance​(SbVec3f point)
        Returns the distance from a point to plane. Positive distance means the point is in the plane's half space.
      • toArray

        public static SbPlane[] toArray​(long nativeArray,
                                        long length)
      • offset

        public void offset​(float d)
        Offset a plane by a given distance.
      • intersect

        public SbVec3f intersect​(SbLine l)
        Intersect line and plane, returning true if there is an intersection, false if line is parallel to plane.
      • getDistanceFromOrigin

        public float getDistanceFromOrigin()
        Returns distance from origin to plane.
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object obj)
        equals in class java.lang.Object
      • getNormal

        public SbVec3f getNormal()
        Returns normal vector to plane.
      • isInHalfSpace

        public boolean isInHalfSpace​(SbVec3f point)
        Returns true if the given point is within the half-space defined by the plane.