Class SoCpuDevice

    • Method Detail

      • getDevice

        public static SoCpuDevice getDevice()
        Calls getDevice((int)0).
      • getSSELevel

        public int getSSELevel()
        Returns the SSE instruction level available on this device.
      • getDevicesCount

        public static int getDevicesCount()
        Returns the total number of cores available in the sytem.
      • getCacheSize

        public int getCacheSize​(int cacheLevel)
        Returns the size of the cache on this device in bytes. Note: On Microsoft Windows platforms this function only returns a valid number on Windows XP SP3 and newer.

        cacheLevel - The cache level can be 1, 2, or 3.
      • getDevice

        public static SoCpuDevice getDevice​(int index)
        Returns the SoCpuDevice.

        index - not used.
      • findFirstAvailableDevice

        public static SoCpuDevice findFirstAvailableDevice()
        Returns the first available device found in the system.
      • hasSSE

        public boolean hasSSE()
        Returns if SSE instructions are supported on this device.
      • hasMMX

        public boolean hasMMX()
        Returns true if MMX instructions are supported on this device.
      • isActive

        public boolean isActive()
        Returns true if the CPU is active in the system.