Class SoDevice

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    SoCpuDevice, SoGLDevice

    public class SoDevice
    extends Inventor
    Abstract device management class. This class provides generic functions to manage and to get data about specific devices.

    There are specific implementations of this class for each type of device supported by Open Inventor. These classes may provide additional methods to query information specific to the device type. Currently the supported device types are:

    • SoCpuDevice: A system CPU, including multiple cores.
    • SoGLDevice: A GPU, managed through the OpenGL API.

    Using the query methods, you can determine the number of each type of device and specific information about each device such as the total memory.

    On most devices other than the CPU, a device "context" is necessary when using the device. Open Inventor provides classes to manage contexts for each type of device. See SoDeviceContext and its derived classes SoCpuContext and SoGLContext.

    Open Inventor provides classes to manage data objects (blocks of memory), called buffer objects, on each type of device. See SoBufferObject and its derived classes SoCpuBufferObject, SoGpuBufferObject etc.

    Note: The word "device" is also used to refer to input devices such as the mouse and keyboard. These devices are associated with the viewer or render area and are represented by window system dependent classes. See, for example: SoWinDevice, SoQtDevice and SoXtDevice.

    See Also:
    SoCpuDevice, SoGLDevice
    • Method Detail

      • getDevicesCount

        public static int getDevicesCount()
        Returns the number of devices.
      • getDeviceName

        public java.lang.String getDeviceName()
        Returns the name of this device.
      • getDriverVersion

        public java.lang.String getDriverVersion()
        Returns the driver version of this device.
      • getLogicalUnits

        public int getLogicalUnits()
        Returns the number of logical units of this device.
      • getDevice

        public static SoDevice getDevice​(int index)
        Returns the SoDevice pointed by index.

        index - the index of the SoDevice.