Class SoTranReceiver

  • public class SoTranReceiver
    extends Inventor
    Interprets database changes for transcription. This class is used for transcribing Open Inventor data. Transcription is the process of packaging changes to a database and sending them over a "wire" to another database.

    The SoTranReceiver class is used on the receiving side of transcription. It interprets changes to a Open Inventor database packaged up by an SoTranSender.

    See Also:
    SoInput, SoTranSender
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoTranReceiver

        public SoTranReceiver​(SoGroup rootNode)

        rootNode - SoGroup instance that is the root node of the scene graph on the receiving end. All changes to the database are made relative to this root.
    • Method Detail

      • interpret

        public boolean interpret​(SoInput in)
        Interprets the transcription commands found in the given input stream. Returns false on any error. Note: some errors (such as invalid node references) are recoverable, while others (such as syntax errors) are not.