Class SoGroup

    • Field Detail

      • boundingBoxIgnoring

        public final SoSFBool boundingBoxIgnoring
        Whether to ignore this node during bounding box traversal. Default is false.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoGroup

        public SoGroup()
        Creates an empty group node.
      • SoGroup

        public SoGroup​(int nChildren)
        Constructor that takes approximate number of children. Space is allocated to contain the specified number of children, but the group does not contain any actual child nodes.
    • Method Detail

      • getNumChildren

        public int getNumChildren()
        Returns number of children.
      • replaceChild

        public void replaceChild​(SoNode oldChild,
                                 SoNode newChild)
        Replaces first instance of given child with new child.
      • getChild

        public SoNode getChild​(int index)
        Returns pointer the child node with the given index.
      • findChild

        public int findChild​(SoNode child)
        Finds index of given child within group. Returns -1 if not found.
      • replaceChild

        public void replaceChild​(int index,
                                 SoNode newChild)
        Replaces child with given index with new child.
      • removeAllChildren

        public void removeAllChildren()
        Removes all children from group.
      • removeChild

        public void removeChild​(SoNode child)
        Removes first instance of given child from group.
      • addChild

        public void addChild​(SoNode child)
        Adds a child as last one in group.
      • insertChild

        public void insertChild​(SoNode child,
                                int newChildIndex)
        Adds a child so that it becomes the one with the given index.
      • removeChild

        public void removeChild​(int index)
        Removes child with given index from group.