Class SoArray

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    public class SoArray
    extends SoGroup
    Group node that creates a regular IxJxK array of copies of its children. This group node traverses its children, in order, several times, creating a regular 3D array of copies of them. The number of copies in each of the three directions is specified by fields, as are the vectors used to separate the copies in each of the three dimensions.

    For example, an SoArray node can be used to create a 2x3x4 array of copies of its children, where the separation vectors between adjacent copies in the three array dimensions are (1,2,3), (-4,-5,-6), and (7,8,9), respectively. The base point of the array can be set to one of several values, as described in the origin field.

    Copies are traversed so that the first dimension cycles most quickly, followed by the second, and then the third. This order is important because SoArray sets the current switch value to N before traversing the children for the Nth time (for use with inherited switch values - see SoSwitch).

    File format/default:

    Array {

      numElements1 1
      numElements2 1
      numElements3 1
      separation1 1 0 0
      separation2 0 1 0
      separation3 0 0 1
      origin FIRST

    Action behavior:

    SoGLRenderAction, SoCallbackAction, SoGetBoundingBoxAction, SoRayPickAction
    Traverses all children for each array element, saving and restoring state before and after each traversal. Sets: SoSwitchElement

    Traverses all children once, setting the inherited switch value to SO_SWITCH_ALL first.

    See Also:
    SoMultipleCopy, SoSwitch
    • Field Detail

      • numElements1

        public final SoSFShort numElements1
        Number of elements in the 1st dimension.
      • numElements2

        public final SoSFShort numElements2
        Number of elements in the 2nd dimension.
      • numElements3

        public final SoSFShort numElements3
        Number of elements in the 3rd dimension.
      • separation1

        public final SoSFVec3f separation1
        Separation vector in the 1st dimension.
      • separation2

        public final SoSFVec3f separation2
        Separation vector in the 2nd dimension.
      • separation3

        public final SoSFVec3f separation3
        Separation vector in the 3rd dimension.
      • origin

        public final SoSFEnum<SoArray.Origins> origin
        Defines the base point from which copies are distributed. . Default is FIRST.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoArray

        public SoArray()
        Creates an array node with default settings.