Class SoBevelProperty

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class SoBevelProperty
    extends SoNode
    Node to define beveling properties. This node defines the current beveling properties (used by SoBevelAction) for all subsequent shapes.

    You can use it to specify a beveling radius (absolute or relative) and an angle between adjacent faces (like a crease angle) that determines if the edge between those faces will be beveled.

    File format/default:

    BevelProperty {

      angle 0.5
      radius 0.05
      absoluteRadius false

    Action behavior:

    Sets: SoBevelPropertyElement

    See Also:
    SoBevelAction, SoEdgeFlag, SoVertexFlag
    • Field Detail

      • angle

        public final SoSFFloat angle
        Indicates the angle (in radians, between 0 and pi) between two adjacent face normals above which the edge will be beveled. (If the edge has been unmarked by the current SoEdgeFlag it will not be beveled, regardless of the value of angle).
      • radius

        public final SoSFFloat radius
        This defines the bevel radius (the size of the rounded edge or corner). This value will be interpreted as absolute or relative depending on the absoluteRadius flag (below).
      • absoluteRadius

        public final SoSFBool absoluteRadius
        If true, the value of radius will be taken as the bevel radius. Otherwise, the radius is relative to the shape: the radius value is a fraction between 0.0 and 1.0. The bevel radius will be max * radius , where max is the length of the longest edge of the current shape to be beveled.
      • testsBeforeBevel

        public final SoSFBitMask<SoBevelProperty.Tests> testsBeforeBevel
        Which tests should be performed in order to "clean up" the shape before it is beveled.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoBevelProperty

        public SoBevelProperty()