Class SoVertexFlag

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    public class SoVertexFlag
    extends SoNode
    Class to mark/unmark vertices for beveling. This node specifies the current marked/unmarked vertices for all subsequent shapes. Marked vertices will be beveled by SoBevelAction; unmarked vertices will not. It is defined using int_32t arrays.

    For vertex-based shapes, the array elements are simply indices of the selected vertices in the coordinate array.

    For SoCube, the following vertices can be marked/unmarked:

    For SoCone, at least one value greater than or equal to 0 in the array marks/unmarks the top of the cone (which is the only vertex that can be marked).

    For SoCylinder, no vertex can be marked/unmarked.

    File format/default:

    VertexFlag {

      vertexMarked -1
      vertexUnmarked -1

    Action behavior:

    Sets: SoVertexFlagElement

    See Also:
    SoBevelAction, SoBevelProperty, SoEdgeFlag
    • Field Detail

      • vertexMarked

        public final SoMFInt32 vertexMarked
      • vertexUnmarked

        public final SoMFInt32 vertexUnmarked
        These are the fields for marked/unmarked vertices. If a vertex appears in both arrays, it is unmarked.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoVertexFlag

        public SoVertexFlag()