Class SoDepthBuffer

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    public class SoDepthBuffer
    extends SoNode
    Depth buffer parameters node. This class specifies the depth buffer parameters used for rendering, including:
    • Depth buffer test enabled,
    • Depth buffer writing enabled,
    • Depth buffer range, and
    • Depth comparison function.

    It can also be used to clear the depth buffer by setting the clearBuffer field to true.

    To control whether frame buffer color components are written or not, see SoColorMask.


    • Transparency:
      The "depth peeling" transparency types (SORTED_PIXEL) do not work correctly if this node is used to change depth buffer settings.
    • Test function
      By default SoDepthBuffer sets the OpenGL depth buffer test function to LESS. (Meaning that only fragments with a depth value strictly less than the current depth buffer value will be rendered.) This is NOT the same as the Open Inventor default.

      By default Open Inventor sets the depth buffer test function to LEQUAL and this value is recommended for most applications. Some Open Inventor features, for example SoGradientBackground, will not work correctly with the depth buffer test function set to LESS.

    File format/default:

    DepthBuffer {

      test true
      write true
      function LESS
      range (0.0,1.0)
      clearBuffer false

    Action behavior:


    See Also:
    SoPolygonOffset, SoDepthOffset, SoColorMask, SoGLRenderAction
    • Field Detail

      • test

        public final SoSFBool test
        Enable depth buffer testing (glEnable). Default is true.

        Note that disabling depth testing will prevent the depth buffer from being updated even if depth buffer writing is set to true.

      • write

        public final SoSFBool write
        Enable depth buffer writing (glDepthMask). Default is true.
      • range

        public final SoSFVec2f range
        Value range for the depth buffer (glDepthRange). Default is [0.0-1.0]. The range will be clamped to [0.0-1.0] by OpenGL.
      • clearBuffer

        public final SoSFBool clearBuffer
        If true, the depth buffer is cleared when the node is traversed. The extent of the buffer that is actually cleared may be limited using an SoViewportClipping node. Default is false.

        Note: Be careful when using this feature along with a transparency mode other than SoGLRenderAction.NO_SORT because the objects rendering order might be different from their ordering in the scene graph.

        Open Inventor 8.6

    • Constructor Detail

      • SoDepthBuffer

        public SoDepthBuffer()