Class SoWWWAnchor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class SoWWWAnchor
    extends SoLocateHighlight
    Separator group node with a URL hyperlink. This node defines a separator group which has a URL (Universal Resource Locator) hyperlink. When clicked on, this node invokes an application callback to fetch the URL. The application may fetch the data itself, or call a web browser to load the URL.

    File format/default:

    WWWAnchor {

      boundingBoxCaching AUTO
      renderCulling AUTO
      pickCulling AUTO
      fastEditing DISABLE
      mode AUTO
      style EMISSIVE
      color 0.3 0.3 0.3
      name "<Undefined URL>"
      description ""
      map NONE

    Action behavior:

    When the left mouse is clicked over a child of this anchor node, the application is called back to fetch the URL (see setFetchURLCallBack()).

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    • Field Detail

      • name

        public final SoSFFilePathString name
        URL which the application will be called back to fetch when this node is activated by a left mouse click (e.g., "").
      • description

        public final SoSFString description
        A description of the URL which may make more sense to users than the URL itself (e.g., "The VSG Home Page").
      • map

        public final SoSFEnum<SoWWWAnchor.Mappings> map
        Specifies what additional information should be added to the end of the URL when passed back to the application for fetching. If set to POINT, then the x,y,z location of the object space intersection point when the mouse was clicked will be suffixed to the URL. Since the comma character does not transmit through some web browsers, it is written in hex form (e.g., if the intersection point is 17,4.5,1 the URL passed to the application callback would be "\%2c4.5\%2c1"). . Default is NONE.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoWWWAnchor

        public SoWWWAnchor()
        Creates an anchor node with default settings.
    • Method Detail

      • getFullURLName

        public java.lang.String getFullURLName()
        Returns the full URL set by setFullURLName(), or if not set, returns the contents of the name field.
      • setFullURLName

        public void setFullURLName​(java.lang.String url)
        If the name field contains a relative URL (e.g., "foo.wrl" instead of ""), the anchor cannot resolve the URL reference. This method allows the application to tell the anchor what its full URL should be. getFullURLName() returns the fullURL set here, or if not set, returns the contents of the name field.
      • enableEvents

        public static void enableEvents​(boolean OnOffFlag)