Class SoVolumeRenderDetail

  • public class SoVolumeRenderDetail
    extends SoVolumeDetail
    Stores detail information about a picked voxel or pick ray in a data volume. A successful pick operation returns an SoPickedPoint object. If the picked geometry is an SoVolumeRender node, use the getDetail method and cast the result to this class to get extra information about the the pick.

    SoVolumeRenderDetail returns information about the first (closest) non-transparent voxel along the pick ray and/or information about all the voxels intersected by the pick ray (called a profile). For the first non-transparent voxel (if any) on the pick ray, it returns XYZ position, IJK location, and data value. For the profile defined by all the intersected voxels, it returns:

    • Profile position in object space (two XYZ points)
    • Profile location in the data volume (two IJK indices)
    • Number of values along the profile
    • Each voxel value and corresponding IJK location

    Use the methods in SoVolumeDetail to get information about the data values of the picked voxels. Use the getRgba... methods in this class to get information about the mapped RGBA colors of the picked voxels. Because these methods return colors, they always return information based on the (possibly subsampled) tiles currently in memory.

    GPU picking: Please see the discussion of GPU picking in SoVolumeDetail.


    • If multiple volumes are being combined under an SoMultiDataSeparator, the detail class only returns values for the first volume in the scene graph.

    See Also:
    SoDetail, SoVolumeDetail, SoVolumeRender
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoVolumeRenderDetail

        public SoVolumeRenderDetail()
    • Method Detail

      • getMaskCount

        public long getMaskCount()
        Calls getMaskCount(false).
      • copy

        public SoDetail copy()
        Returns an instance that is a copy of this instance. The caller is responsible for deleting the copy when it is no longer needed.
        copy in class SoVolumeDetail
      • getRgbaValuesTileIds

        public java.util.ArrayList<SoLDMTileID> getRgbaValuesTileIds()
        Returns the tileID of each voxel intersected by the pick ray. Values returned are based on the (possibly subsampled) tiles currently in memory.
      • getMaskCount

        public long getMaskCount​(boolean realValue)
        Returns the number of volume masks applied to the first non-transparent voxel. If realValue is true, VolumeViz will return the actual value from the full resolution data. Note that this may require a read from disk if full resolution data is not currently in memory. If false, VolumeViz will return the value from the (possibly subsampled) data currently in memory.

        Warning To use GPU picking, you must specify realValue = false.