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SoOffscreenRenderAreaSetTile Method

Defines the maximum sub-image (tile) size for rendering and the number of pixels on the border of each sub-image that are not written on the final image.

Namespace: OIV.Inventor
Assembly: OIV.Inventor (in OIV.Inventor.dll) Version: 2024.1.1.0 (2024.1.1)
public void SetTile(
	SbVec2i32 size,
	int numEdgePixels


Type: OIV.InventorSbVec2i32

is dimension of the tile.

Type: SystemInt32

is the number of pixels on the edge of the tile which will not be included in the final image.


The default tile size is set to the maximum viewport size supported by the hardware (GL_MAX_VIEWPORT_DIMS) and can be queried using the GetMaxTileSize() method. The default value for the number of edge pixels is 2 pixels.

Edge pixels are usually required to avoid visual "artifacts" at the subimage boundaries. One source of artifacts is that when OpenGL clips lines, it draws a line between the points where the line exits and re-enters the visible region. This additional segment is not part of the actual geometry. A two pixel border will hide this undesired segment unless the line width is greater than two, in which case you may need to specify a larger number of edge pixels.

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